Glamour and History Await Your First Class Flight to Zurich

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Explore Zurich’s History in Old Town with Deals on First Class Flights to Zurich

 Live Life Fully with First Class Adventures in Old Town and First Class Flights - IFlyFirstClass

One of the best ways to get to know a city is to explore its history, and Zurich's Old Town district is a great place to start. With relics dating back to the 2nd century, Zurich beautifully displays its Old World charm in its Old Town, or Altstadt, district. Here, you'll find captivating ancient sites and beautiful old buildings. You can enjoy the grand 12th-century architecture of Grossmunster church, savor a picturesque lunch on the Niederdorf promenade, take in the river sights along the Limmatquai or relish an elevated view of the city from Lindenhof. The Swiss National Museum, St. Peter Church, Urania-Sternwarte Observatory, Kunsthaus Modern Art Museum, chic Bahnhofstrasse, Old Botanical Gardens and Fraumunster church are also located in the historic district. Get you first class ticket to Zurich today!

Save on Business Class Deals to Zurich So You Can Shop Well On Bahnhofstrasse

Stroll along the Bahnhofstrasse for a first class flight of fancy. - IFlyFirstClass

If you’re traveling on a business class flight to Zurich, you’ll likely wind up at the Bahnhofstrasse district at some point during your stay. Even if you’re in town for a holiday, make some time to visit the booming high-end finance, business and retail district. Its popular promenade is picturesque and closed to traffic, and it’s the perfect for a day of shopping at chic boutiques and sipping coffee in sidewalk cafes. Charming little parks invite you to sit and watch the passersby, and the enticing Confiserie Sprüngli shop lures you in with its luxury chocolates and legendary Luxemburgerli macarons. In all, there are more than 90 upscale shops in Bahnhofstrasse, including Tissot, Victorinox, Lalique, Audemars Piguet, Bucherer and IWC Schaffhausen

Take a First Class Flight to Zurich, Then Cruise Lake Zurich in High Style

Entertain yourself with a first class trip to Lake Zurich‚Äôs promenade and B√ľrkliplatz. - IFlyFirstClass

Zurich is full of beautiful views, and some of its best scenes are found along the lake. Even if you’ve grabbed a last minute flight to Zurich for business, a quick trip to the lake is one of the best ways to enjoy Zurich’s natural beauty. You can stroll along the Lake Promenade, admiring the local jewelry and art stands. You can also hop on a cruise around the lake while noshing on local specialty cheese fondue. If you truly only have a few minutes to spare for the lake, head to Bürkliplatz. Lake cruises launch from the Bürkliplatz, but the area also has cozy benches, interesting public art, twice-weekly vegetable markets, weekly flea markets and dozens of lively special events.

Chagall's Fraumunster Stained Glass Windows Are the Highlight of a Business Class Flight to Zurich

The bright blues, yellows and greens in Chagall’s Fraumunster windows complete a first class trip to Zurich.  - IFlyFirstClass

When you gaze at the Zurich skyline, Fraumunster’s blue-green steeple is one of the city's most notable features. As you approach the beloved local church, there are many other fascinating features to take in, including Marc Chagall’s five stained glass windows. The vividly hued windows were commissioned in the 1970s, quickly becoming a favorite attraction for locals and visitors alike. Chagall also created one of the church’s rosettes, and Augusto Giacometti created a stained glass window for the opposing transept. While at Fraumunster, be sure to look out for the gorgeous frescoes by Paul Bodmer located in the church’s cloister. We can find you the best business class flight to Zurich