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Last minute business class flights to Osaka

Utterly contemporary yet rich with ancient flavor, Osaka is a gleaming, welcoming city. Journey to the awe-inspiring sights and flavors of Osaka with IFlyFirstClass' discount first class fares and business class tickets. You'll save thousands of dollars on your luxurious journey and arrive at your destination with ample energy and funds to explore all of the city's beautiful sites.

Osaka Is the Ultimate Japanese Playground

The bustling metropolis of Osaka is both avant-garde and historic, home to shining Umeda Sky Building's twin towers looming 567 feet above the city. In a powerful display, the towers are connected by a rooftop bridge and Floating Garden, the ideal spot for gazing at the beautiful city. 

Economically robust, the city houses a thriving electronics industry, with Panasonic, Sharp and Sanyo making their headquarters in Osaka. Additional modern marvels are showcased in the city's Dotonbori Bridge district. Home to a giant mechanical crab, the entertainment district teems with colorful and frenetic electronic signs resembling the vivid video displays found in New York City's Times Square. Restaurants, nightclubs and shops fill the area, making it an ideal place to conclude a day of sightseeing, traveling and working.

A shining glass maritime museum, metal-domed sports arena and a state-of-the-art aquarium are just a few of the city's modern attractions. Theme parks and activity parks abound here, with Universal Studios Japan, port-side Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Tennōji Zoo and the HEP Five amusement/shopping center.


In spite of its cosmopolitan features, Osaka maintains vestiges of its traditions and history. Once Japan's leading rice-trading post during the Edo Period, Osaka is known as "The Nation's Kitchen." Although rice-trading dominance is a distant memory, the city retains its world class culinary scene. Countless casual and fine dining restaurants and street vendors line the streets, offering plentiful spots to refresh and refuel during a day of traipsing around the city.

Historic sites provide insight into ancient lifestyles in Osaka. The city's Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan, established in 211 by Tamomi no Sukune. Its bowed red bridge and grand gate entrances lead to beautifully constructed halls and exquisitely manicured gardens. Explore old Edo-period farmhouses at the unique open-air museum in Ryokuchi park, or wander through the reproduction of the majestic 16th century Osaka Castle. 

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