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Kyoto discounted business class tickets

Take Your Pick of Kyoto Discounted Business Class Tickets

While Kyoto doesn’t have its own international airport, the city is one of the most convenient cities in the world to visit. This convenience is partly due to its many nearby airport options. The bounty of airports adds a little extra decision-making to travel planning. Travelers will need to carefully weigh travel priorities to determine the best airport for their itinerary. Whether speed and proximity or budget and simplicity are most important, Kyoto-area airports satisfy all priorities.

Understanding the various airport options in the Kyoto area helps travelers make their destination choices. The city is close to five airports:

  • Kansai International Airport in Osaka;
  • Osaka International Airport;
  • Central Japan International Airport, or Chubu Centrair International Airport, near Nagoya;
  • Narita International Airport in Narita and
  • Haneda International Airport in Tokyo.

Most of these airports offer hundreds of daily flights. If you’re looking for Kyoto discounted business class tickets, there are plenty of available options.


Finding Kyoto Discounted Business Class Tickets in Osaka

Osaka is less than 30 miles from Kyoto, and the city is served by two major airports. This provides for a wide availability of Kyoto discounted business class tickets. Both Kansai International and Osaka International offer train service from the airport to Kyoto. Most international flights are handled out of Kansai International Airport though. Osaka International Airport, also called Itami Airport, handles most domestic flights. Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of using Kansai airport.

Kansai International Airport Pros & Cons:

  • The airport offers several direct international flights. These routes are mostly limited to and from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu.
  • Train service to Kyoto from Kansai is convenient. Train service is available near the airport’s arrivals lobby. The Haruka Limited Express train ride from the airport to Kyoto takes about an hour and 20 minutes. 
  • Limousine buses also provide ground transportation from the airport to Kyoto hotels. The bus ride takes just under two hours.

Osaka International Is a Good Connector for Kyoto Discounted Business Class Tickets

Osaka International is considerably closer to Kyoto than Kansai International Airport. It’s close to many Osaka and Itami attractions, including Arioka Castle Ruins and the Instant Ramen Museum.

Osaka International Airport Pros & Cons:

  • International travelers will likely only use Osaka International if they first make a domestic stop. As a result, North American travelers won’t find any direct flights to the airport from U.S. or Canadian airports.
  • Osaka International is about 30 miles closer to Kyoto than Kansai International. 
  • Train service from the airport to Kyoto is not direct and requires two train transfers. Even with the train changes, though, the entire journey takes about an hour and 15 minutes.
  • Limousine bus service is a convenient way to travel from the airport to Kyoto. Buses depart the airport every 20 minutes and complete the trip in an hour and a half.


Other Convenient Kyoto Discounted Business Class Tickets

Kyoto is so centrally located that there are a number of other easy-to-use airports nearby.

  • Chubu Centrair International Airport is less than 100 miles from Kyoto. Train service between the two points takes about 90 minutes and involves one train change. Chubu is located in Ise Bay near Nagoya and serves only two U.S. destinations: Detroit and Honolulu.
  • Narita International Airport is probably the most convenient airport in terms of the number of U.S. destinations it serves. Travelers can find routes to and from a dozen U.S. cities, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Diego and Chicago. Several flights are available daily from Narita to Osaka-Itami International Airport for travelers heading to Kyoto. Train service is also available.
  • Haneda International Airport is known for its high-end flight options. Travelers will find many Kyoto discounted business class tickets and first class flight options to Haneda. The airport serves several U.S. destinations, including Milwaukee, San Francisco and New York. Haneda is also close to popular Tokyo attractions such as Senso-ji Temple and the Akihabara district. Continuing on to Kyoto from Haneda International is relatively easy by train. The fastest routes involve a transfer to a Shinkansen bullet train and take a little more than two hours.
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Spectacularly lush and historic, Kyoto is a prime destination in Japan. Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto abounds with important sites and attractions. There are majestic imperial palaces and exquisitely landscaped Buddhist temples. There are fascinating museums and appealing parks. There are even wild monkeys and awe-inspiring bamboo forests on nearby Mount Arashi. Renowned for its beauty, Kyoto becomes even more picturesque in spring when cherry and plum trees blossom. 
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