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Flights to Slovenia

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Flights to Slovenia
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Save Thousands on Your First or Business Class Flight. Cheapest Flights To Slovenia.

Why Visit Slovenia?

This beautiful central European country is a winter wonderland that is just as gorgeous through all the other months of the year, too. It has developed rapidly in recent years, with modern buildings taking up space beside Renaissance-era ones.

Nature is one of Slovenia’s biggest draws and her scenery from aquamarine lakes to verdant green highlands and white sand beaches combine to make a mosaic of visual treats.

Must-See Cities in Slovenia

Ljubljana – The largest city of Slovenia is also its capital. Ljubljana is not only a pleasure to pronounce but a pleasure to tour, with its vast green spaces and outdoor café culture. Ljubljana Castle is worth a visit, not least for the funicular that visitors can ride up to it.

Bled – This a holiday getaway renowned for its amazingly picturesque scenes of tranquility. It is home to the Triglav National Park which is a winter skiing paradise, and Bled’s island Pilgrimage Church which is accessible only by rowboat.

Flight Characteristics

Has the magic gone out of air travel for you? Do you dread going to the airport? Does the prospect of spending long hours in an airplane unsettle you?

If yes, the odds are that you are not travelling in first class or business class. First class and business class travel offer a completely different experience than traveling coach. Every aspect of the journey is transformed with a touch of luxury and the pleasure of personalized service.

Gone is the flimsy plastic cutlery, the cheap paper or plastic cups are nowhere to be seen and the tacky hardly-audible headphones have disappeared. In their place, you will find fine cutlery, long-stemmed flutes for your champagne, and high-quality headphones from leading companies to enjoy the entertainment.

The entertainment itself is in a league of its own. Most first class seats feature personal screens as large as 23 inches so you can immerse yourself in a golden oldie or the latest Hollywood hit.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class does what few others can claim to deliver – we combine premium air travel seats with some of the cheapest prices available anywhere. However, we are not your ordinary travel agent or even a regular travel concierge. We provide a very specialized service for an exclusive clientele.

Besides the cheap flight options that we promise to deliver, I Fly First Class has the connections within the travel industry to obtain flights that are listed as sold-out or last minute tickets which are otherwise unavailable.

People choose I Fly First Class because we are able to combine these two parts of our service into fantastic travel experiences.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class has simplified the process of looking for, and finding, the right seat at the right time on the right plane.

All you have to do is tell us what your requirements are and we do all the legwork for you. Our specialists will then convey the options that best suit your needs back to you for your approval.

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