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Cheapest Flights To Sri Lanka. Save Thousands on Your First or Business Class Flight.

Why Visit Sri Lanka?

Situated just off the southern tip of India, this pearl of the Indian Ocean is a largely undiscovered treasure of beauty and experiences. The diverse landscape of this island nation ranges from white sand beaches to humid rainforests to undulating highlands.

Its Buddhist heritage is on display across several ancient ruins dating back millennia. Sri Lanka is a modern, developing nation with much in store for you to discover.

Must-See Cities in Sri Lanka

Colombo – The giant Buddha is the unmistakable indication that you are in the Sri Lanka’s capital. Successive influences – Portuguese, Dutch and British – are evident from its historical architecture. It has:

  • a vibrant nightlife;
  • massive shopping complexes;
  • a skyline of skyscrapers.

Kandy – Situated in central Sri Lanka on a plateau surrounded by tea plantations and rainforests, Kandy is the nation’s religious heart. The Temple of the Tooth, named for its possession of one of the Buddha’s teeth is an iconic pilgrimage site for international visitors.

Flight Characteristics

Air travel has lost the aura of prestige it once held. That is, if you still choose to travel coach. In first class and business class, on the other hand, the aura is as bright as ever.

From exclusive lounges at the airport which offer amenities like massages and enclosed personal waiting areas besides preferred boarding privileges, the luxury of the experience begins even before you step on your plane.

On board, extra-wide seats which recline into beds, large personal entertainment screens, selected fine dining options and superior liquor are all part of the flight experience. Proper cutlery, not flimsy plastic, allow you to savor your meal as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Noise-cancelling headphones tune out the drone of the aircraft so you can enjoy the latest blockbuster or classical musical notes in their true form.

All the opulence and indulgence is complemented by service that leaves no stone unturned.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

Who doesn’t want the best deal on air fares? That is precisely what I Fly First Class offers every client.

But our service does not stop at simply finding tickets with the lowest charges – we also source last minute seats when all others tell you there are none left. When you book through us, you get the assurance of cheap flights combined with the thrill of luxurious international travel in first class or business class.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class is the complete travel concierge which you can access at your convenience, all day, every day and throughout the year.  We offer you three easy options through which you can simply tell us what you need and have us do all the work for you.

If you need immediate attention, the best option is to call us at our direct toll-free number: 1-800-385-1359 in the U.S.A.  A travel specialist will attend to you and provide all the assistance you require.

For those who prefer email, our contact is:

Alternatively, you can fill the online form at

With both the latter options, I Fly First Class will contact you shortly with the details of the ticket like price, dates and carrier name. You always have the option to change your mind and modify your request.

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