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Special offer to Dubrovnik
Exalted travels include business class flights to Dubrovnik and visits to Dubrovnik - IFlyFirstClass

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Business class flights to Dubrovnik and tours of Sponza Palace showcase medieval life in the city. - IFlyFirstClass

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Distant and recent Balkan history comes alive when you book business class flights to Dubrovnik.

The Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a compelling Eastern European seaside city. Once its own successful city-state rivalling Venice, Dubrovnik today is a thriving community and travel destination. The city boasts many delightful restaurants and cafes, dazzling churches and bustling beaches. Sites like Big Onofrio’s fountain and Fort Lovrijenac are enchanting and just a small part of the city’s many charms.

Business Class Deals to Dubrovnik Give a Grand View of the City Walls

For Dubrovnik, the sightseeing begins as business class flights approach the airport. One of Dubrovnik’s most recognizable and awe-inspiring sights, the city walls have stood strong for 700 years. These impossibly thick walls completely surround Old Town, providing excellent views from the fort towers. From this walltop vantage point, visitors overlook the city’s weathered tile roofs, narrow stepped streets and the azure Adriatic. 

For hundreds of years, the city walls were central to life in Dubrovnik, and today is no exception. 

  • In the summer, visitors are delighted to watch Shakespeare and other theatrical performances taking place along the wall’s forts.
  • People-watching from the Pile Gate is particularly appealing, overlooking the city’s main promenade, the Stradun.
  • Imagine yourself as a royal from "Game of Thrones." Aided with a little CGI magic, these walls are the setting of many King’s Landing scenes.

Real or fictional, these old city walls are an incredible window to the bustling world of Dubrovnik.
Photo: Revel in views of the medieval city walls of Dubrovnik with business class flights to the city.


Book Business Class Flights to Dubrovnik for Sponza Palace Tours
Melding dramatic Gothic and ornate Renaissance architecture, Sponza Palace invites visitors to step back to 1522. Many of Dubrovnik’s early buildings did not survive a large 17th-century earthquake, but Sponza endured. As a vital part of life in the early Republic of Dubrovnik, the palace served as the customs office and treasury. These were critical roles because of Dubrovnik’s status as a major international port and trading center.

Some of the palace’s most notable architectural and design elements feature:

  • An inviting interior arcaded courtyard,
  • A sculpted medallion on the palace’s back wall featuring Jesus’ monogram and two angels and
  • The names of saints engraved on the courtyard arches.

Today, the historic palace houses several important institutions and events:

  • The Memorial Room of Defenders;
  • The national archives, which include 100,000 manuscripts, some dating back to the 11th century;
  • The opening ceremony of Dubrovnik Summer Festival in which actors portray the Republic of Dubrovnik leaders.


Heavenly Travels: Business Class Flights to Dubrovnik Cathedral

Visitors have Richard the Lionhearted to thank for the glorious Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Often simply called the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Byzantine church was reportedly constructed with funds donated by Richard I. As with many of Dubrovnik’s medieval structures, the cathedral was destroyed in the 1667 earthquake. In its place, today’s beautiful Romaesque cathedral was constructed.

The cathedral is visually stunning, with a variety of artistic and architectural elements. Some of the cathedral’s highlights include:

  • The saint statues located in the front facade’s gable and niches,
  • A 16th-century Titian polyptych in the main altar and
  • The towering vaulted nave.

The cathedral is also home to a stunning treasury featuring dozens of reliquaries, including:

  • Saint Blaise’s gold-plated skull, arm and leg;
  • A 13th-century icon of Madonna and Child;
  • A relic of the True Cross.



Lokrum Island Sites Are the Ideal Reason to Book Business Class Flights to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is blessed with many popular beaches, but its nearby Lokrum Island is a special treat. It’s just a half-mile from Dubrovnik’s shore, and it boasts a fascinating history all its own. The island is where Richard the Lionhearted took refuge after his ship wrecked following his third Crusade. According to local legend, the island also was the focus of a curse plaguing owners of the island for centuries. For this reason, travelers won’t find any hotels on the island, but they will find plenty of recreation and entertainment.

Attractions on the island include:

  • A historic Benedictine monastery that was the source of the island’s curse;
  • A colorful botanical garden that is inhabited by the island’s equally vibrant peacocks;
  • Several fun-filled beaches;
  • The small Dead Sea, a saltwater lake that’s perfect for swimming on the south end of the island;
  • Volleyball and football fields in the olive grove meadow and
  • The Purple Cave, a hidden cavern on the way to the island’s nude beach.




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