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Why Visit Portugal?

Portugal is the quiet wallflower of Western Europe, all refined, restrained substance in the face of its tourism megastar neighbors of England, France, Italy and Spain. Behind that serene facade is a country with:

  • a rich history which goes back older than that of others in the region;
  • a penchant for lively colors and vibrant celebrations;
  • a varied, enthralling geography;
  • a great cuisine;
  • a warm people molded by their fantastic surrounds.

The west coast of Portugal is a long stretch of pristine beaches washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic. It is peppered with amazing rock formations that seem to have been crafted with purposeful beauty.

The Serra de Arrabida mountain range is a UNESCO-protected site that offers a simple return to nature amidst stunning landscapes. There are hot springs, caves and valleys, all created by the upheaval in the Earth that resulted in volcanic activity.

The Portuguese love their food and will make a believer out of you, too. For lovers of seafood, the stretches of coast mean Europe’s largest fishing zone and, consequently, the lowest prices on all food from the ocean.

They love their drink, too, especially beer, and will willingly oblige to help you see things their way in this respect. The nightlife in Portuguese cities rivals that of major cities around the world and the partying carries on well into the night (and next morning!).

Some of Portugal's wine consistently receive top marks from international oenophiles and the local wine industry has developed well beyond just port.

Many visitors to Portugal are shocked at how affordable it is to get an authentic European experience, the likes of which easily cost double right across the border.

Must See Cities in Portugal

Lisbon - as the largest and most populous city, the nation's capital bound by seven hills has been witness to many a significant Portuguese event.  Monuments to many of these and others can be found in Baxia and Alfama.

Baxia was one of the first world cities to be designed in a grid layout; Alfama is much older and more haphazard, but both have their fair share of history and character. The Lisbon Castle, Se Cathedral and Saint Anthony's Church are magnificent examples of Portuguese architectural ingenuity.

Belem district contains more historical monuments than you could cover in a day. The beautiful Mosteiro dos Jeronimos monastery and Torre de Belem fort which sits in the sea are tourist favorites.

Porto - famous for its towering lookouts called 'miradouros', lodge cellars called 'azulejos' and bright street art, Porto's beautifully flat skyline is broken by tall bell towers and exquisitely intricate churches.

Take a tram ride up to Foz do Douro and savor the fantastic view of the gorgeous ocean. See the Jardim do Palácio de Cristal for its beautiful layout of gardens and fountains. Porto is a foodie's dream, with the freshest seafood the most affordable anywhere in Europe.

Sintra - the magical-sounding name of this UNESCO World Heritage-listed city is very apt. From the verdant mountains on the east to the serene Atlantic on the west and everything in between, Sintra is simply stunning.

The colorful amalgamation of shapes and colors that is the Pena Palace is one of the most popular sights to see and explore. Its position at the very top of a hill gives you spectacular uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see. Other ancient ruins, medieval palaces and enthralling architecture abound.

Flight Characteristics

There are many direct flights from the United States to Portugal from Newark Airport on the east coast. Most flights from the west coast of the U.S. have one stop and transit through major European cities like Madrid and Rome.

From Newark, a flight to Lisbon takes just under 7 hours, and you can fly US airways, Air Canada and Hawaiian Airlines, among others. From New York, the shortest flight will cover the distance of over 5,000 kilometers in just under 10 hours. Delta Airlines plies this route with a layover at Madrid.

United Airlines has the shortest flight duration from the western United States, transporting passengers from San Francisco to Lisbon in just over 13 hours with a layover at Newark Airport.

First and business class passengers enjoy great food and drink, excellent rest and superior attention on full-service airlines from the U.S. to Portugal.

Why Buy Tickets with I Fly First Class?

Simplicity and ease mean a lot to many people in today’s world of hectic schedules. If you would love to visit Portugal travelling first class or business class, you can have the entire process of finding tickets, booking them and all your preferences planned with minimal effort by using I Fly First Class.

Our professional travel concierge staff will handle all the details so you simply have to turn up for the flight. If that sounds like your kind of holiday, you should consider buying tickets through I Fly First Class.

We can even obtain last minute flights for domestic and international travel – you just have to ask.

How to Find Tickets on I Fly First Class

At I Fly First Class, our team does all the finding while you sit back and relax.

You simply have to fill in the online form with your requirements at or email them to us at Alternatively, you can call our toll-free number 1-800-385-1359 to speak immediately to our friendly, knowledgeable operators.

Either way, simplicity and ease in planning your first class or business class air travel is what I Fly First Class specializes in.

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