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Cheap First Class Tickets To Turkey

Trek to the lush and deeply historic land of Turkey in the unrivaled comfort of first class seats from IFlyFirstClass. With discounts as high as 70 percent on business class fares and last minute first class flights, your trip to the Anatolian Peninsula can be exciting and affordable.

From the ruins of one of the oldest settlements in the world to the modern Istanbul skyscrapers, Turkey's long history spans thousands of years. Ruins of Neolithic and ancient civilizations are spread throughout the country, creating compelling attractions for those interested in history and archaeology. Relish the artistry and innovation of early cultures at the 7500 B.C. Çatalhöyük settlement, the walls of Troy at the Troia archaeological site and the Lion Gate of Hattusa. 

Bridging Europe and Asia, vast Istanbul offers its own unique ambiance. Filled with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in its Sisli and Levent districts, much of the city's Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman roots remain. The Hagia Sofia, Basilica Cistern, the Blue Mosque and Topkapı Palace are majestic examples of the grand architecture of these periods and are conveniently located in the Sultanahmet Square of the Old City area. Business-First Class to Turkey

Southeast of Istanbul is the contemporary capital of Turkey, Ankara. There, echoes of the past are beautifully explored at Ankara Castle and the Temple of Augustus and Rome, while more recent architectural wonders like the Atakule Tower and Kocatepe Mosque are nearby. Modern cultural delights fill the city, from numerous museums and concert halls to high-end shopping centers and upscale restaurants and nightclubs.

At the eastern edge of the country, the magnificent Mt. Ararat region combines adventure, culture and religion. Awe-inspiring Mt. Ararat is the storied home of Noah, luring skilled mountain climbers and religious pilgrims to its heights. Other thrill-seekers look to the country's beaches along the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing and snorkeling are just a few of the water activities abundant at Turkish beaches. The most acclaimed beach is known for its intensely colored turquoise waters and long sandy expanses. The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful spot for water sports, paragliding, sunbathing and scenic reflection.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Make your long trek to Turkey enjoyable with the stylish relaxation of first class seats and business class fares. As a premium passenger, you'll relish the amenities and serene spaces of exclusive airport lounges and reserved security and boarding queues that will speed your way through the airport. In the air, enjoy over-sized luxurious seats, extensive personal entertainment systems, delicious menus designed by world-renowned chefs and dozens of other amenities created to pamper you on your flight to Turkey.

IFlyFirstClass brings you these amenities through its incredible discounts on premium travel. IFlyFirstClass is an industry leader in reduced-fare luxury flights, offering unparalleled savings on business class fares, first class seats and last minute first class flights so that you can relish the trip of a lifetime to Turkey.

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