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Why Visit Poland?

Who would have thought that Poland is the 16th most visited country in the world?

Yes, this unassuming Eastern European country that sits on the shores of the Baltic Sea is proving itself to be a fantastic tourist destination. Its medieval heritage shines through amazing architecture while its modern persona is on display with its bustling major cities.

Poland was, unfortunately, the setting for many traumatic chapters of the Second World War. The belated silver lining is that the country is committed to remembering the sacrifices of its people and the hardships they underwent through a number of permanently-protected sites that have become immensely popular.

Her clean air, open spaces, good food and wonderful people are all the welcome you need.

Must-See Cities in Poland

Like much of eastern Europe, Poland has a rich heritage of magnificent architecture and monuments. If you are short on exploring time, these two cities should not be missed:

  • Warsaw – Poland’s capital is a patchwork of buildings and monuments from the nation’s rich and turbulent history. Soviet-era minimalist blocks, modern skyscrapers, Gothic churches and neoclassical palaces share the space. The Chopin Museum, POLIN Jewish history museum, remnants of medieval structures and pulsating nightlife all contribute to its eclectic magnetism.
  • Krakow - The biggest draw in Southern Poland, Krakow is built around Rynek Glowny market square that is renowned for its beautiful architecture. The 14th century St. Mary's Basilica and Wieliczka Salt Mine with its underground network of chambers and cathedrals are another major draw. The Auschwitz concentration camp and Oskar Schindler's factory have always attracted legions of visitors.

Flight Characteristics

Okecie Airport is the nation's largest airport and many major international carriers fly there. There are, however, no direct flights from the continental United States to Poland. Several carriers do offer a single-stop flight, usually laying over at France's Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The shortest flight time, including time spent in transit, is 10 hours 25 minutes. This option is offered by the U.S.-based carrier, Delta Airlines.

Air travel on long-distance routes can wear you down, regardless of whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. It can leave you less inclined and less able to enjoy the sights and sounds of your destination.

But if you are flying in a first class or a business class seat, you might not even notice the flight duration. Wider seats with better cushioning and horizontal recline are perfect for the body. Meanwhile, excellent dining options, premium liquors and personalized service pander to your soul.

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Whichever way you choose, our expert travel concierge team will be at your service. We will provide the best and most professional assistance to you for your trip to Poland or anywhere else around the country or the world.

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