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Discounted Business Class Tickets to Guangzhou

Relish Guangzhou Business Class Deals to Baiyun International

Serving 100 destinations and handling direct flights to and from dozens of North American cities, Baiyun International is extremely convenient for travelers. It is just 17 miles from downtown Guangzhou, and it’s the main hub for China Southern Airlines. Guangzhou business class deals are abundant. Nonstop service is available between the airport and North American cities such as Los Angeles and New York. One- and two-stop routes are available from Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Vancouver.

With its proximity to downtown Guangzhou, the airport is an excellent landing point. Getting to town from the airport is easy with a variety of ground transportation options. While taxis, shuttles and airport buses are plentiful, the city’s relatively new subway/metro system is a popular choice. The Airport South Metro Station is accessed via the airport’s lower level. Line 3 of the Metro takes passengers to downtown Guangzhou and most of the city’s favorite landmarks. Some of these attractions near Line 3 include:

  • Canton Tower,
  • Zhujiang Park,
  • Guangdong Museum,
  • Twin Towers and 
  • South China Botanical Garden.

A new Airport North metro station will soon provide additional train options into the city and its suburbs.

Guangzhou Business Class Deals or Hong Kong Flights?

While Guangzhou’s international airport is one of China’s most-traveled, nearby Hong Kong airport is also a good alternative. Hong Kong International Airport is only 70 miles from Guangzhou, and it’s the world’s eighth busiest airport. 

As a slightly busier airport than Guangzhou, Hong Kong travelers enjoy more route options when traveling to Guangzhou. Travelers can choose nonstop flights between Hong Kong and several North American cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Flights with one or more stops are available from dozens of U.S. airports.

Once travelers reach Hong Kong, getting to Guangzhou is simple using China’s Guangzhou-Hong Kong Train. Twelve trains run between the two cities daily. The trip currently takes about two hours, but the country’s new high-speed trains are nearly complete. Beginning in 2018, these bullet trains will make the trip between Guangzhou and Hong Kong in about 45 minutes. High-speed trains will stop en route between the two cities in Shenzhen.

Getting from the Airport to Yuexiu

Many of the city’s most treasured historical and cultural landmarks are located in Guangzhou’s Yuexiu district. Yuexiu dates back to the city’s origin in 214 C.E., and it’s the birthplace of what Westerners consider Cantonese culture. Located in the heart of the city, ground transportation to and around the district is plentiful. 

Yuexiu is also rich with hotels and resorts. If you booked Guangzhou business class deals, you’ll likely head directly to Yuexiu from the airport. Airport shuttles constantly run the route between Yuexiu and the airport. Airport shuttle lines 2A, 2B and 4 are some of the most direct routes to the neighborhood from the airport. Shuttle buses run every 20 to 45 minutes.

Metro trains also offer convenient ground transportation from the airport to Yuexiu. Yuexiu covers much of Guangzhou’s downtown, so Metro Line 3 again links the airport to major Yuexiu attractions. Some of these landmarks include:

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral,
  • Temple of the Six Banyan Trees,
  • Guangxiao Temple,
  • People’s Park,
  • Guangzhou Zoo,
  • Nanyue Kingdom Palace site,
  • Xianxian Mosque,
  • Ersha Island,
  • Martyrs’ Cemetery and
  • Revolutionary History Museum.

Fascinating Day Trips with Guangzhou Business Class Deals

Guangzhou is ideally located for day trips to interesting villages and attractions. While travelers could spend their entire holidays within Guangzhou, visiting outlying areas is enriching. Guangzhou business class deals lead the way to dozens of day-trip options, including:

  • Kaiping dialou, or watchtowers. A world heritage site, these watchtowers began construction throughout Kaiping County during the Ming dynasty. A little more than half of the original 3,000 watchtowers remain in Kaiping villages. The towers represent a captivating blend of Eastern and European architectural styles and offer a peek at late 19th- and early 20th-century South China. It takes about two hours to reach Kaiping villages from Guangzhou.
  • Hailing Island. Guangzhou and its surrounding villages were along the Silk Road, and travelers can explore the marine portion of the trade route on Hailing Island. The main attraction is the Guangdong Maritime Silk Museum and its 800-year-old sunken ship that traveled the Silk Route. To explore the ship, visitors view it through aquarium walls built around the vessel.
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One of the business international shipping ports in China, Guangzhou has long exhibited its multicultural influences. This cosmopolitan city on the Pearl River Delta is the perfect Chinese destination with plenty of historical sites, glitzy modern accommodations and amazing recreation. From Baiyun Mountain and Tiantang Peak to the Pearl River and the South China Sea, the city abounds with natural wonders too. It's easily accessible as China’s third largest city, offering a number of Guangzhou business class deals to Baiyun International Airport.
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