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Flights to Beijing

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Flights to Beijing
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Cheap Business and First class to Beijing

Experience the beauty and mystery of the Orient in China's bustling capital city. Travel there in unparalleled luxury with affordable business class fares and first class seats from I Fly First Class. You'll appreciate the thousands of dollars in savings and create an unforgettable trip to Beijing.

Beijing is an Architectural Wonder

Relish the chance to explore magnificent temples, fascinating historic sites and appealing cultural pursuits in the expansive metropolis. Business class ticket to Beijing. Begin your adventure in the heart of the city at famed Tiananmen Square. The largest public plaza in the world, Tiananmen is surrounded by some of Beijing's most cherished buildings and monuments.

The following places lead visitors through a captivating exploration of the country's rich history:

  • The Monument to the People's Martyrs,
  • Chairman Mao Memorial Hall,
  • Great Hall of the People,
  • Qianmen Gate,
  • the Forbidden City,
  • Museum of the Chinese Revolution
  • Museum of Chinese History

Tiananmen Square's Forbidden City overflows with even more history and grandeur. Home of the imperial courts of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Forbidden City complex is relatively unscathed by China's cultural revolution. As a result, the complex presents 980 buildings in mostly original condition. Breathtaking gates, palaces, gardens and halls delight visitors with colorful decor and exquisite architecture. Tour its Palace Museum for a sweeping look at China's important artifacts and artwork.

Similarly compelling, Beijing's Summer Palace showcases 290 acres of parks, tea hourses, temples and a lake, and the Temple of Heaven complex features incredible halls and the richly symbolic Seven-Star Stone Group.

Marvel at Kubla Khan's palace at Beihai Park, and walk in shadow of the ancients at the Great Wall.

In addition to its countless historic sites, Beijing is filled with alluring activities and appealing attractions. World-class theaters and sports arenas offer visitors a chance to enjoy rousing entertainment and interact with locals. Enjoy the death-defying acrobats at the Chaoyang Theater, the Legend of Kung Fu performance at the Red Theater and the stunning voices at the Beijing Opera. Beijing's nightlife and art scene flourish in the 798 Arts District, and the nightclubs are very tourist-friendly in Sanlitun.

Families traveling to Beijing enjoy days spent riding rollercoasters at Shijingshan Amusement Park, watching unusual wildlife at Beijing Zoo and reveling in the sea life at Beijing Aquarium.

The I Fly First Class Advantage

Make the long flight to Beijing in relaxing accommodations with our affordable first class seats and business class fares. As a luxury passenger, you have unrivaled access to choice airport lounges serving a variety of refreshments and offering pampering amenities such as day beds, shower suites, business centers and expedited airport queues. In the air, your seat is spacious, private and adjustable. You dine on gourmet meals, sip champagne and wine and revel in many additional amenities.

Our travel professionals are skilled at providing the very best prices available on luxury travel; even last minute first class seats are greatly discounted. It's affordable to create the trip of a lifetime with our business class fares and first class seats to Beijing.

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