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Deals on first class tickets to Lucerne lead to expansive rail passes and fun day trips. - IFlyFirstClass

First class tickets to Lucerne

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First class tickets to Lucerne
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Travel Switzerland in luxury with first class tickets to Lucerne by way of lovely Zurich.

First Class Tickets to Lucerne Via Zurich

Lucerne doesn’t offer its own international airport, so most first class tickets to Lucerne are actually flights to Zurich. Flying into Zurich is actually a bonus since travelers are able to see the countryside traveling from Zurich to Lucerne. 

Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s largest airport, so travelers enjoy a variety of route options and deals. Direct transatlantic flights to Zurich Airport are available from Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Many more one-stop flights are available from additional North American cities. These routes are serviced by American, Delta and SWISS airlines, offering deals on first class and last minute tickets.

The trip from Zurich Airport to the heart of Lucerne is quick and easy. 
-To Lucerne By Train. Swiss Federal Railway trains run every hour from Zurich Airport to Lucerne and other central Swiss locales. The train ride takes a little more than an hour and is a pretty ride through rural Switzerland.
-To Lucerne By Car. The drive from Zurich to Lucerne is picturesque and straightforward. It takes a little less than an hour to make the trip.

Explore Medieval Lucerne with First Class Tickets to Switzerland

Once your first class tickets have transported you to Zurich, your train ride leads directly to Old Town Lucerne. This captivating city center is exceptionally walkable so there’s no need to book a car or worry about bus schedules. Lucerne’s Old Town, or Altstadt, is awash in colorful buildings and historic sites. It’s perched along the Reuss River, perfect for an afternoon stroll or a pleasant bike ride. 

For its small size, Altstadt overflows with compelling structures, sights and experiences. 
-Chapel Bridge is one of Lucerne’s most recognizable structures, and it’s central to Altstadt. Originally built in the 14th century, this beautiful wooden bridge was rebuilt in the 1990s following a devastating fire. The bridge’s intricate details and fascinating artwork was lovingly recreated so today’s visitors can continue to enjoy the landmark. Many of its components remain original to the bridge, including the water tower.
-The well-preserved City Walls capture the feel of the Middle Ages with their thick expanse and defensive towers. 
-Lucerne’s iconic Lion Monument also stands proudly in Altstadt. It honors the sacrifice of Swiss men who perished during the French Revolution.

Altstadt is close to Lucerne’s main train station, so it’s also a good place to begin day trips outside of the city.

Cruising With First Class Tickets to Lucerne

One of the best advantages of discounted first class tickets to Lucerne is the flexibility it provides. These deals allow you to indulge in a luxurious journey and enjoy sumptuous and lavish lake cruises guilt-free. 

With Lake Lucerne at the city’s backyard, there are countless recreation and sightseeing options for visitors.
-Cruises on the lake are a great way to take in the local sights and culture. Many lake cruises are aboard historic paddle boats, perfect for a leisurely tour around the lake. A variety of theme and specialty cruises offer even more entertainment. There are culinary cruises showcasing everything from fondue to chocolate. There are also holiday cruises, brunch and dinner cruises and folk music excursions. 

-The Golden Round Trip cruise is particularly exciting, cruising to Alpnachstad. There, you’ll board the world’s steepest rack and pinion railway to head to Pilatus’ summit. Getting down the mountain is equally stupendous aboard the Dragon Ride aerial cable cars and the gondolas from Frakmuntegg. A trolley returns you to Lucerne so you can continue your holiday.

Touring with Rail Passes and First Class Tickets to Lucerne

Lucerne’s central location makes it the perfect home base for day trips around the country. Just as first class tickets to Lucerne provide the journey of a lifetime, Swiss rail passes are the ultimate traveling convenience. Thanks to Switzerland’s convenient and plentiful trains, dozens of cities are within three hours of Lucerne.

-On the train, a trip to Bern takes just an hour. There, visitors can admire numerous medieval statues, parliament buildings and fun shopping promenades.

-The train ride to beautiful Einsiedeln and its renowned Benedictine monastery takes just an hour and a half. This high valley is an important pilgrimage spot and a popular ski town.

-In less than two hours, the train also whisks visitors from Lucerne to beautiful Schaffhausen. This stellar city is best known for its imposing Munot fortress and spectacular Rhine Falls waterfall. Vineyards surround the city, so wine tasting and vineyard tours are popular pastimes too. For especially curious travelers, the Black Forest is also nearby.

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