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Cheap Business and First class to Korea

Cosmopolitan and enchanting, South Korea offers grand heritage sites, modern delights and bountiful recreation. Journey to the Land of the Morning Calm amid the style and luxury of business class deals and first class fares from IFlyFirstClass. We'll save you thousands of dollars on premium airfare so that you can thoroughly explore the wonders of South Korea.

Bustling Korean cities are filled with thriving electronics, biotechnology and aerospace industries; gleaming skyscrapers; world-class shopping; fascinating museums; thrilling theme parks and dozens of other entertainment options.

In Seoul, the city's Gangnam district offers that global, exciting lifestyle, with bountiful nightclubs, theaters, restaurants and towering skyscrapers. Look a little deeper, though, and you'll find the historic heart of the city in the Jongno district. There, locals and visitors shop along the Insa-dong, the biggest antiques market street, and marvel at the district's 14th century Five Grand Palaces.Business Class Deals Discount to Korea

In the seaside city of Busan, Yongdusan Park holds the impressive Busan Tower, and the nearby mountains house the stunning Beomeosa Temple. Enjoy a hike out to Taejongdae Park's delightful white lighthouse, or trek up to Jangsan Mountain for an enthralling day.

In Incheon, Korea's tallest building, North Asia Trade Tower, presides over the city. Shop to your heart's content in the exciting Bupyeong district, or ferry over to the Incheon Islands for hiking and lounging on the beach.

Ancient Buddhist temples, historical monuments and an energetic cultural scene give Jeonju its unique ambiance. Once the Joseon Dynasty's spiritual capital, Jeonju offers a glimpse into traditional Korean lifestyle. Watch artisans make traditional Korean paper, sample Korean liquor, or explore the traditional hanok houses in Kyo Dong.

South Korea brims with magnificent natural wonders. Experience the tranquility of semi-tropical Jeju Island, where visitors can walk through the earth's largest lava tube, hike up a volcano, wonder at the massive grandfather stones and relish the comforts of chic beach resorts. Revel in the verdant wetlands and entrancing bird sanctuary of Suncheonman Bay and the immense treasures of Taebaek Mountains. From rafting white water rapids and kayaking to skiing and cycling, South Korea's mountainous peninsula is a great location for thrill-seekers.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

With all of the adventures and experiences available in South Korea, you'll want to save your energy and budget by traveling to South Korea in restful splendor with IFlyFirstClass' amazing business class deals and discounted first class fares. As a premium passenger, you have access to some of the world's most exclusive airport lounges where you enjoy fine dining and many refreshing services. On your flight, you are treated to more choice accommodations and services designed to pamper.

The travel professionals at IFlyFirstClass are skilled at providing superior customer service and the best prices available on luxury travel. With IFlyFirstClass, you save thousands on first class fares and enjoy terrific business class deals so that you can explore exciting South Korea in style.

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