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Savor the splendor of Sweden with business class deals to Stockholm.

Modern to Medieval: Business Class Deals to Stockholm and Gamla Stan

Few European cities have preserved and treasured their old town centers as faithfully as Stockholm has. Its Old Town, or Gamla Stan, is a picturesque network of cozy cobblestone streets and gold-hued medieval buildings. This historic city center dates back to Stockholm’s founding in 1252, and its heritage shows in every nook and cranny. For instance, its oldest public square, Stortorget, was the site of the 1520 massacre known as the Stockholm Bloodbath.

Technically, Gamla Stan covers the islands and islets of Stadsholmen, Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen and Stromsborg. This provides plenty of space for the district’s abundant galleries, museums, cafes, boutiques and bridges. Some of the historic area’s most popular attractions are:

  • the Royal Palace,
  • the Nobel Museum,
  • the National Museums of Economy,
  • Stortorget Square,
  • the Post Museum and 
  • Stockholm Cathedral.

Visitors especially delight in the changing of the guard ceremony outside the Royal Palace. Previous monarchs and members of the royal family are buried in the beautiful Riddarholmskyrkan. The district’s annual fairytale Christmas market is just one reason travelers can’t resist business class deals to Stockholm. 

Luxury Living: Business Class Deals to Stockholm and Drottningholm Palace

Notable for its architecture and grandeur, the gorgeous Drottningholm Palace

is located on Stockholm’s Lovön island. It is Sweden’s current royal residence, the permanent home of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. The palace’s splendid 17th-century architecture is just part of the palace’s charm, which extends to its lush grounds. 

The palace’s Chinese Pavilion is especially entrancing with its rococo interior overflowing with silks and lacquered panels. Many of these textiles and decorative pieces were brought to the palace by the 18th-century Swedish East India Company.

The palace’s main building is even more sublime, considered one of Europe’s best preserved palaces. It is known for its ornate rooms, commodious size, and stellar grounds. Among the palace’s highlights are:

  • Gustav V’s tapestry in the Palace Chapel,
  • the canals and bridges of the English Garden,
  • the statuary and foliage of the Baroque Garden and
  • the summer opera festivals held in the historic Palace Theater.

Stellar business class deals to Stockholm make a visit to lovely Drottningholm Palace even more delightful.

Sailing Through Stocktholm: the Vasa Museum

A seafaring culture, Stockholm boasts several maritime museums and exhibits. The pinnacle of these collections is the 17th-century ship, the Vasa. While the Vasa sank on her maiden voyage in 1628, the ship lives on in the Vasa Museum. The ship is housed in the museum itself, offering incredible views of its six levels. Around the ship, visitors can see films showing the ship’s recovery, exhibits about maritime Sweden and 40,000 artifacts. 

In addition to the captivating Vasa exhibit inside, the museum offers four compelling ship museums at its port. 

  • The Finngrundet is a lightvessel dating back to 1903. The lightship sailed the Baltic Sea in warmer months of the year, 
  • The Sankt Erik was completed in 1915, designed to break up ice and navigate the frigid northern seas. The first icebreaker in use by Stockholm, Sankt Erik was vital to keeping the city’s shipping channels clear.
  • The Bernhard Ingelsson sea rescue cruiser launched in 1944. 
  • The Spica was a fast-attack ship built in 1966 and armed with torpedos. The ship was designed to protect Swedish interests at sea.


Holiday Haven: Business Class Deals to Stockholm and Day Trips to Sandhamn

With Stockholm’s ideal position on the archipelago, the city is close to many delightful islands and islets. Sandhamn is a favorite day trip, beloved for its relaxed lifestyle and plentiful entertainment. For many travelers, the island’s posh yacht marina and high-end accommodations are irresistible. For others, the peaceful walking paths and sandy beaches are Sandhamn's biggest draw. Whatever the daytime pursuits, the island is also a hotbed of rousing nightlife, thrumming with dozens of nightclubs.

The historic island also provides a number of appealing attractions, including:

  • an archipelago museum, 
  • a mini-golf course,
  • an interesting old cemetery,
  • a picturesque harborside village and
  • bountiful kayaking, sunbathing, and sailing.

For travelers seeking business class deals to a Swedish oasis, Sandhamn is ideal.

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Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, Stockholm is scenic, entertaining and thriving. Fourteen islands on Lake Malaren make up Stockholm’s central city. More than 24,000 islands and islets make up its nearby archipelago. With that many places to explore and waterways to cruise, there’s never a dull moment in this Swedish capital. From stellar museums and magnificent palaces and cathedrals to premier restaurants and shops, Stockholm is a top international destination. Best of all, travelers will find abundant business class deals to Stockholm for the perfect getaway.
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