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Flights to Johannesburg

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Flights to Johannesburg
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Cheap Business Class Luxury Flight To Johannesburg

Experience the tree-lined streets, bustling downtown and warm savannah of beautiful Johannesburg. Make your journey to the South African metropolis a restful one with affordable first class deals and discounted business class fares from IFlyFirstClass. You'll appreciate saving thousands of dollars on premium airfare so that you can spend more funds exploring the exciting city.

Johannesburg is a Compelling City in the South African Savannah

Johannesburg's energetic central business district offers everything you expect from a modern city. Entrancing museums, colorful art galleries, lively shopping and rousing theaters keep Johannesburg visitors busy day and night. Fantastic views of the city and beyond are found on the 50th floor observation deck of Africa's tallest building, the Carlton Centre in the southeast section of the central business district. 

Johannesburg's cultural attractions are bountiful, from the Apartheid Museum to Museum Africa. The country's troubled period of apartheid and the resulting movement for equality and freedom are movingly explored in the Apartheid Museum's 22 exhibition areas. More compelling exhibits and sites relating to South African history are found at the Hector Museum and Constitution Hill. The hill is home to the Old Fort Prison Complex, the site of incarceration of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and other political activists prior to South Africa's 1994 democratic conversion. The Nelson Mandela Museum is in nearby Soweto.

For lighthearted fun, Johannesburg showcases several fascinating attractions. Delight in exhilarating thrill rides at Gold Reef City Theme Park, and try your luck at one-armed bandits and gaming tables in Gold Reef City Casino.

Marvel at the diverse wildlife of Johannesburg Zoo. Immerse yourself in the tribal traditions and folklore at Lesedi African Cultural Center, where you'll enjoy traditional dance, music and customs of native South Africans.

Like many metropolitan cities, sprawling and tree-filled Johannesburg also has many suburbs. Surprisingly, though, Johannesburg's suburbs have their own notable architecture. Immense Sentech Tower, an iconic symbol of Johannesburg, is actually located in Brixton, while equally immense Hillbrow Tower is in the suburb of Hillbrow. 

In and around the Johannesburg area, experience the abundant and fascinating wildlife for which Africa is known. Majestic lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs and rare white lions roam the sanctuary at the Lion Park. See more sleek cheetahs and other appealing African animals at Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre in De Wildt. Revel in the up-close views of white lions and Bengal and Siberian tigers at The Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Create the trip of a lifetime to lovely Johannesburg with amazing first class deals and reduced business class fares. As a premium traveler, you'll be pampered with countless amenities at exclusive airport lounges and gracious service, unparalleled space and enhanced privacy in luxury in-flight cabins.

With IFlyFirstClass, you'll see just how affordable luxury travel can be. We'll save you thousands of dollars on business class fares and first class deals so that you can fully enjoy your Johannesburg adventure.

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