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Flights to Dusseldorf

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Flights to Dusseldorf
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Cheap Business and First class to Dusseldorf

A gleaming jewel along the Rhine River, picturesque Düsseldorf beckons you to explore its old-world charm, famous festivals and appealing public art. Travel in lavish comfort to the engaging city with amazing first class deals and discounted business class fares from IFlyFirstClass. You'll save thousands and enjoy a sumptuous adventure from start to finish. 

Explore Düsseldorf's Old-world Appeal Flavored with Modern Sensibility

Steeped in a distinctive fairytale atmosphere, Düsseldorf's Alstadt district showcases rustic cobblestone streets and charming buildings. Winding lanes and enticing sidewalk cafes invite you to wander the old city streets adorned with old-fashioned gas street lamps. 

Alstadt's fairytale architecture heightens its beauty. A twisted wood spire, Romanesque and Gothic details and a Baroque alter create the grand St. Lambertus Church. Relish the Renaissance elegance of Rathaus, the town hall, and soak in the beauty of the old castle tower that now houses an intriguing shipping museum. Crisp Altbier, the city's legendary local beer, continues to be brewed and served at four pubs in the Alstadt district. 

With a nod to more contemporary needs, Alstadt also features a broad river promenade, ideal for skating, jogging and strolling. The "longest bar in the world," a collection of more than 300 bars and discos, runs alongside the promenade, making it a lively, bustling spot in the evening. 

Other areas of town present even more alluring historical sites. Walk in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale at the Deaconess' Institute of Kaiserswerth and roam the ruins of Castle Barbarossa in the Kaiserswerth area. Marvel at the rococo details, grand water features and majestic proportions of 18th century Benrath Palace. Admire the city's first Reformist church at Neanderkirche and the brilliant dome of Tonhalle Concert Hall. 

Museums, theaters, festivals, parks and statues fill the city with additional attractions. Düsseldorf's artistic public art installations and monuments are particularly appealing, from its current-day nine pillar saints to the traditional bronze statue of elector Johann Wilhelms II in front of the old town hall.
Gain a spectacular view of the city from the Rhine Tower's restaurant and observation deck. Browse the upscale shops of the The Kö, the Königsallee/King's Avenue area. Marvel at the modern architecture at Media Harbor, and wander through the first public park in Germany at Hofgarten.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Luxury and style are the hallmarks of premium air travel, and you'll appreciate those features with our affordable discounted business class fares and first class deals. Exclusive access to choice airport lounges, reserved airport queues and unbelievably deluxe in-flight accommodations create a sumptuous flight experience. With all of these pampering services, you'll arrive in Düsseldorf with energy to spare.
We are dedicated to providing superior service and the very best prices available on luxury flights. With IFlyFirstClass, our outstanding discounts even extend to last minute first class flights. We'll save you thousands of dollars with our first class deals and business class fares so that you can explore beautiful Düsseldorf to your heart's content.
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