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Why Visit Monaco?

There are few greater validations of a location's status as a playground for the rich and famous as a feature in a James Bond film. The principality of Monaco has featured twice.

If you are more of a numbers person, consider that more than 30% of the local population are millionaires. Its glitzy casinos, piers of multi-million dollar superyachts, constant sightings of Hollywood stars and its glamorous royal family add to an air of hedonistic revelry that not many places in the world can match.

One of the most famous - some might say notorious - things the world knows about Monaco is that it is a tax haven, something that might have to do with the high incidence of millionaires. Upscale shopping in Monaco squeezes in everything from toiletries to clothes to supercars within a short walk of each other.

As you might expect, the hotels are luxurious and much of the older architecture was designed by world-famous names like Gustave Eiffel. If your appreciation of beauty extends to more modern creations, there will always be gorgeous luxury cars parked outside every hotel.

Monaco continually invests in its upscale image by hosting world sporting events that belie the nation's tiny size of just 2.02 square kilometers. Perhaps the most well-known of these is the Monaco Grand Prix which has been hosted by the country since 1929. The Monte Carlo Rally has an even older tradition, dating back to 1911. It also hosts the Monaco International Auto Show, the grand final of the European Poker Tour

Monaco’s size means that it is one of the few places in the world from where you can explore 2 other countries within minutes –  it is a mere 13 kilometers to France and 16 kilometers to Italy. The weather is mildly gentle in both summer and winter, meaning you can visit any time of year and explore without discomfort.

Must See Cities in Monaco

Oh dear, it seems there is no place for more than one city in Monaco. Besides the main city itself, there is an ‘Old Town’ but it is a quaint part of the principality that usually plays second fiddle to the high-rollers and glimpses of celebrity life which are Monaco’s main draw.

The must-see city of Monaco is therefore:

  • Monte Carlo – it may be said that Monte Carlo is Monaco itself. Practically everything for which the nation is famous occurs in Monte Carlo.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix takes place in May. It is one of Formula 1’s signature races and described as its most testing circuit.
  • The Monte Carlo harbor boasts some of the most stunning natural vistas as well as a look at some of the most technologically advanced craft that have graced the water anywhere.
  • No mention of what to do in the city can be complete without a mention of Casino de Monte-Carlo. There are four others but this is the most opulent.
  • The century-old Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium perched atop a sheer cliff offers spectacular views of the top of the ocean from outside and an entrancing look at life beneath the waves with the displays inside.
  • If the modern supercars cruising the streets do not sate you, you can visit Prince Rainier III’s own collection of classic cars. Numbering about 100, they range from small coupes to huge, sleek limousines. A car enthusiast’s dream.
  • Apart from a who’s-who list of international celebrities who are constantly visiting the coastal paradise, Monte Carlo is also the permanent home to numerous international sporting and performance celebrities. Catch sight of them anywhere and everywhere about the island.

Flight Characteristics

Monaco does not have an airport; instead, it makes do with a heliport. As such, there are no direct flights from the United States – or anywhere else, for that matter – into Monaco.

The closest airport is Cote d’Azur airport in Nice, France, and a helicopter flight from there to the Monaco heliport takes just seven minutes. There is a flight every 15 minutes between 8.45 a.m. and 6.14 p.m.

Fliers from eastern U.S. cities like New York can fly non-stop to Nice on Delta or Air France in 8 hours 30 minutes. Interconnecting flights take upwards of 10 hours. From the western United States, the shortest flights to Nice take over 14 hours as there all have layovers.

The time will fly a lot faster if you are travelling first class – the food, drink, seats and entertainment options are as good as any on a trans-Atlantic flight.

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