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Snag deals on business class seats to Vienna to explore the stellar Kunsthistorisches Museum. - IFlyFirstClass

Business class seats to Vienna

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Business class seats to Vienna
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Book discounted business class seats to Vienna to enjoy the city’s majesty and music.

Royal Living: First Class Seats and Schönbrunn Palace

Beautifully Baroque and ornate, Schönbrunn Palace is one of Europe’s most magnificent royal residences. Once the summer home of Habsburg monarchs, the palace is spectacularly grand in size and decor. Maximillian II used the original site as a hunting retreat in the late 1500s. Each following Habsburg ruler added to the site. The current palace was constructed in the mid-1700s, modeled after magnificent Versailles. 
With its long history, the palace and its extensive grounds offer several fascinating sites and ruins. The palace itself is resplendent with gold-leafed furnishings and architectural elements. Touring visitors can see some of the palace’s 1,441 rooms including the gleaming Hall of Mirrors. The palace gardens are also impressive, containing a zoo, 44 marble statues and a theater. Some popular garden features include:
-the Tyrolean Garden,
-the enchanting hilltop Gloriette and
-Neptune’s Fountain.

Gifts from the Gods: Business Class Seats and St. Stephen’s

One of Vienna’s most important landmarks, St. Stephen's Cathedral is beautifully Gothic. From the time of its construction in the 14th century, the cathedral was central to the city’s culture and history. Mozart was married here, and his funeral was held in the cathedral. Napoleon posted his farewell edict on the cathedral gate in 1805. Many Habsburg royal family members are buried here as are many archbishops. 

St. Stephen’s boasts many captivating and unique features 
-The cathedral’s steep roof is uniquely tiled to create a colorful representation of royal and Viennese symbols.
-The ornate Giant Gate is one of the oldest and most beautiful elements of the cathedral.
-Catacombs run beneath the cathedral.
-Boomer Bell, located in the grand North Tower, is the country’s largest bell.
-The South Tower offers stellar views of the city.

Indulge and Play: Discounted Business Class Seats and Prater Amusements

As business class flights approach Vienna, travelers get a glimpse of Vienna’s beloved landmarks, including Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. The massive Ferris Wheel has been a fixture of Viennese life since the late 1800s, intended to rival Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Today, it’s part of the legendary Wurstelprater amusement park, which itself is part of the larger Wiener Prater public park. Once the hunting grounds of Maximilian II, the park is central to modern Viennese life.

Fun and games are plentiful inside Wurstelprater amusement park. Aside from the spectacular Ferris Wheel views, visitors can ride roller coasters and take other thrill rides. There are bumper cars, carnival games, carousels and excellent traditional restaurants.

The larger, Wiener Prater park is equally appealing, with:
-the tree-lined Hauptallee pedestrian avenue,
-Prater Museum,
-a planetarium and
-Liliputbahn, the park’s enticing narrow gauge railway.

Sensory Indulgence: Luxury Business Class Seats and Kunsthistorisches Museum

The majestic Kunsthistorisches Museum, or Museum of Art History, is a dazzling gem of Viennese culture and art. Its building site alone is a stunning sight, approached via the gorgeous Maria-Theresien-Platz square. Inside, its central dome soars 197 feet, adding to the museum’s grandeur. The largest art museum in Austria, Kunsthistorisches’ masterpieces and antiquities set it apart from most other sites.

The museum was created by Franz Joseph I to house many of the Habsburg masterpieces. Visitors delight in many of these and other works of the old masters, including:
-Raphael’s “Madonna in the Meadow,”
-Tintoretto’s “Susana and the Elders,”
-Rembrandt’s “Self Portrait,”
-Caravaggio’s “Madonna of the Rosary” and:
-Ruben’s “Ildefonso Altar.”

The museum also boasts incredible Roman and Greek antiquities such as the 1st-century onyx Gemma Augustea cameo. Other amazing permanent collections include Egyptian and Near Eastern artifacts and a remarkable sculpture and decorative arts gallery. With its stunning art and compelling statues, the museum is another reason to book business class seats to Vienna.

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