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Take last minute business class flights to stellar Edinburgh.

Live Like a King with Business Class Flights and Edinburgh Castle Tours

Towering protectively over the city, Edinburgh Castle is a magnificent symbol of Scottish strength and artistry. This grande old dame is 1,000 years old, a treasure and literal high-point of the Royal Mile. The castle is so iconically Edinburgh that many visitors make it their first stop once their business class flights land. 

The castle grounds include the magnificent royal palace, where medieval royals lived, battled and died. James IV, son of Mary Queen of Scots, was born in one of the palace rooms. Visitors can tour the same room, although it was re-decorated in 1617 for King James’ golden jubilee.

The castle boasts many highlights, but some of its favorite sites include:

  • The Great Hall. Built for James VI in the 16th century, the Great Hall sports a marvelous wooden ceiling. It also displays a splendid collection of armor and weaponry used in and around the castle through the ages. This display includes the legendary Lochaber axe polearm used in Scotland to battle cavalry.
  • The Stone of Destiny. The stone may seem unassuming, but it served the coronation of Scottish, English and Great British monarchs for centuries. 
  • The Crown Jewels. Located in the Crown Room, the crown jewels include a golden royal sceptre from 1494 and the royal crown, dating back to 1540.



Fit For a Queen: Holyrood Palace and Last Minute Business Class Flights

At the opposite end of the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace is another symbol of Scottish grandeur. As the British monarch’s official Scottish residence, Holyrood is breathtaking and historic. Visitors can see the State Apartments as well as the spectacular Mary, Queen of Scots Chamber. 

One of the palace’s most beloved sections is its Royal Collection of art. The collection has some incredible pieces that are worth a visit. 

  • A panel from the 18th century Brussels tapestry series depicting the pilgrimmage to Mecca, It’s located in the Evening Drawing Room. 
  • In Mary, Queen of Scots Outerchamber hangs a captivating embroidered panel created by the Queen herself.
  • The Great Gallery is a veritable history lesson of Scottish monarchy. Its walls display portraits of Scottish kings, beginning with Fergus I.

The palace grounds are also incredible, a beautiful walk for those just arriving on last minute first class flights.

A Business Class Flight Through Time in Mary King’s Close

Also in the city’s fascinating Old Town, Mary King’s Close is a walk through medieval Edinburgh. These once-bustling streets of 17th-century Edinburgh were covered over in the 19th century, forever preserving the flavor of medieval Edinburgh. Today, these underground spaces tell the stories of dozens of Edinburgh’s residents in a compelling and unique way. Visitors will walk through this labyrinth of historic streets, exploring the city’s incredible past, including some infamous hauntings.

This and neighboring closes are known for their paranormal activity. Many visitors who book last minute business class flights to Edinburgh in hopes of finding ghosts, may find their joy in the close. Many of these encounters are based on suspicious or grisly deaths in the area and other unexplained experiences. These hauntings and paranormal experiences date back to 1685.

Sensational Experiences: Last Minute Business Class Flights and the Scottish National Gallery

Displaying some of the world’s most beautiful European art, the Scottish National Gallery is a local favorite. The gallery’s collection is located in a gorgeous 19th-century Neoclassical structure on the Mound. Its permanent fine art collection spans several centuries, from 15th-century Italian renaissance painting to 20th century drawings. The gallery is also close to the beautiful Princes Street Gardens and other Old Town landmarks and attractions.

The gallery overflows with countless masterpieces. Some of the gallery’s most popular pieces include:

  • Bernini’s “Design for a Papal Monument,”
  • Goya’s “El Medico,”
  • El Greco’s “Christ Blessing” and “Saint Jerome in Penintance,”
  • Gaugin’s “Vision of the Sermon” and
  • Raphael’s “Bridgewater Madonna.”

Other artists represented in the gallery include Cezanne, Monet, van Dyck, Degas, Boticelli and Rembrandt. For those who love art, the gallery is just one more reason to book last minute first class flights to Edinburgh.

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Historic and lush and modern, Edinburgh is a delight for all of your senses. Designated as the UNESCO City of Literature, Edinburgh is a prime destination. Gloriously verdant hills, mysterious castles and vibrantly colored gardens are just part of Edinburgh's colorful landscape. Secret underground tunnels, haunted histories and majestic palaces enhance the city's flair. Add in a few visits to the city's well-known whiskey factories, and you have an unforgettable vacation.
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