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Cheap Business and First class to Japan

Gorgeous landscapes, brilliant temples and energetic cities welcome you to the picturesque archipelago of Japan. Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun in the ultimate luxury of IFlyFirstClass' discount business class flights and first class deals. We'll save you thousands on your passage to Japan so that you can completely experience all of the country's treasures.

A Spiritual Sojourn

Economically powerful and culturally rich, Japan is full of vibrant, teeming cities and successful corporations and industries. Beyond the sheen of cosmopolitan shopping centers and towering skyscrapers, Japan's cities and hillsides abound with spiritual experiences, from ancient shrines and temples to touching memorials and awe-inspiring mountains. Cheap Business Class Deals to Japan

While the Tokyo area is the world's largest metropolitan region, dozens of parks, museums and monuments offer plentiful opportunities for reflection and serenity. The Imperial Palace gardens in Chiyoda and the Tokyo National Museum are beautiful and thought-provoking sites. Visitors revel in the gorgeous Buddhist temple complex, Sensōji, that houses the Gojūnoto, the five-story pagoda that is said to hold some of the Buddha's ashes. A tranquil retreat from the hustle of the city, the Meiji Shrine complex is devoted to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shōken. It features numerous walking paths along densely wooded groves, a Treasure House showcasing many of the emperor's personal effects and an Inner Garden abloom with irises.

Kyoto, southwest of Tokyo, boasts 14 World Heritage Sites of magnificent temples, including the Zen Buddhist temple, Kinkaku-ji. With its top two tiers covered in gleaming pure gold leaf, the temple is often referred to as the Golden Pavilion. Kyoto also offers prime spots to take in the scenic display of plum and cherry blossoms.

Southwest of Kyoto, Hiroshima rests on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. The city's Peace Memorial Park is filled with memorials, monuments and other sites that memorialize the lives lost during the World War II atomic bomb. The city is also home to a number of other breathtaking sites, from Hiroshima Castle in Chuo Park and 14th century Fudoin temple to Shukkeien's peaceful bridges, waterfalls and tea houses.

Outlying areas are laden with beauty and activity, including Sapporo's ski resorts on Mt. Teine, the floating torii gate in Miyajima, majestic Mt. Fuji and Yakushima's 1,000-year-old cedar tree forests. Visitors delight in exploring the mangrove swamps, mountains, upscale resorts and traditional Ryukyu village on the Yaeyama Islands. The coral reef near the islands creates prime scuba diving and snorkeling areas.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Create the trip of a lifetime by traveling to Japan in consummate luxury, courtesy of IFlyFirstClass' first class deals and reduced-fare business class flights. You'll enjoy pampering service in refined airport lounges and amenity-filled airplane cabins. With all of their engaging services, you'll arrive in Japan completely rested.

IFlyFirstClass is dedicated to providing the very best prices on business class flights and first class deals to Japan so that you have the energy and funds to experience all of Japan's gems.

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