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Cheap Business and First class to China

Teeming with history, culture and a rich spiritual and artistic heritage, vast China is full of adventure and wisdom. Make the most of your Asian excursion in the ultimate luxury of first class seats and business class fares with IFlyFirstClass' stellar discounts. You'll enjoy unmatched service, style and comfort at a fraction of regularly published fares and create the journey of a lifetime. Best Deals Business Class Cheap to China. 

Awaken In The Land Of The Sleeping Giant 

An excursion to gleaming China is an unforgettable journey. With the largest population in the world and a rapidly expanding economy, China is both ultra modern and deeply historic. It is a nation of many superlatives. It's home to the tallest mountain in the world in Mount Everest and the world's fourth lowest point in the Turpan Depression. Its iconic Great Wall of China crosses more than 13,000 miles, a masterpiece relic of 220 B.C. and an exquisite example of the country's cherished history. Its boundless Gobi Desert stretches 1,000 miles wide. The country's high-speed magnetic levitation trains reach a record-breaking 300 miles per hour. Even China's wildlife is extra large, counting more than 550 species, including the aptly named giant pandas.

Diverse climates offer countless recreational and cultural attractions, from lush tropical beach resorts on Hainan Island's Yalong Bay to Mount Tomur's 510 glaciers in Xinjiang. Rivers wind through the country, creating opportunities for cruises, celebrations with floating lanterns and rafting. With all of the exhilarating activities to experience in China, you'll appreciate the rest and relaxation you'll receive on your business class seats and first class tickets to the magnificent country.

Business and pleasure travelers delight in the culinary delights of regional Chinese cuisine. Fashion mavens can spend hours in the abundant shops on glittering Nanjing Road, and art and history lovers savor the country's many notable museums.

Ancient China's culture, architecture and religion are displayed in many of its temples and churches. Huaisheng Mosque in Guangzhou City is 1,300 years old and one of the oldest mosques in the world. Sixth-century Guoging Temple on Mount Tiantai launched the Tiantai branch of Buddhism. The shining onion domes of Saint Sophia Cathedral demonstrate the country's Russian influence, a result of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Pieced together, the country's religious buildings tell the story of China's tremendous history.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Fly in consummate comfort to the distant land of China for the ultimate enjoyment. From high-end amenities and gracious services, business class fares and first class seats offer extensive delights. Add in the outstanding discounts offered by IFlyFirstClass, and you have the makings of an incredible journey.

Whether you need last minute first class flights or complicated travel arrangements, IFlyFirstClass offers the cheapest possible prices on luxury flights. Our skilled travel agents are uniquely positioned to provide you with unmatched service and fares. With our access to discounted business class seats and reduced-fare first class tickets, you'll jet to beautiful China in refreshing style.

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