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Business class flights to Helsinki

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Business class flights to Helsinki
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Business class flights to Helsinki reveal a world of Nordic fun, history and architecture.

Rock-Cut Temppeliaukio Church Shows Helsinki's Innovative Flair

More commonly known as the Rock Church, Temppeliaukio Church is an incredible sight. Located in the heart of Helsinki, the church is actually cut into solid rock. Some of its walls are left roughly hewn or uncut, giving the church a unique appeal. The church is one of the city’s top attractions, luring visitors to experience nature’s grandeur in a new way. The church’s acoustics are so spectacular that the church is a popular concert hall.

The natural bedrock church overflows with amazing features. Visitors touring the church will admire:

  • The towering copper dome. The dome is surrounded by a skylight that allows a flood of natural light to enter the church. It spans nearly 80 feet in diameter.
  • The altar. The altar is made from the church's beautiful granite.
  • The water features. Water is drained down the walls of the church through natural crevices, creating a trickling waterfall effect.
  • The benches. Pew benches are carved from native birch trees.

With its unusual natural features and architecture, it’s easy to see why business class flights to Helsinki are so popular.


Helsinki Life Thrives at Suomenlinna Fortress

Gorgeously green and lush, Suomenlinna harbors some of Finland’s richest archeological sites. The island served as a stalwart Swedish fortress in the 18th century, falling into Russian hands in 1808. Today, visitors can explore the fortress ruins at their leisure. At Christmastime, the Trail of the Fortress Gnome leads the way through the fortress ruins. The relics of this once-grand fortress are just part of the island's charm though. There are museums, cafes, parks and memorials that make days spent at Suomenlinna a delight.

Some of Suomenlinna’s highlights include:

  • The Jetty Barracks, which house the fortress visitor information center;
  • Suomenlinna Museum, which showcases the fortress’ history and the lives of those who served there;
  • The grand, two-story King’s Gate;
  • Suomenlinna Church;
  • The Prisoner of War Memorial, honoring the fortress' prisoners during the Finnish Civil War and
  • The submarine, Vesikko.

For many travelers, the lure of discount business class tickets to Helsinki is especially appealing. Suomenlinna is the ideal spot for a summertime picnic or a day of shopping and dining in a peaceful setting.

Engage in Helsinki Life in Senate Square

In the center of Helsinki’s historic area, Senate Square is a bustling, vibrant hub. Locals and visitors intermingle here, enjoying the grand buildings, statues and camaraderie. The square is home to dozens of lively festivals and events and a daily carillion performance. Dating back to the Grand Duchy of Finland, the square is an important historical reference point. At its center is a statue of Tsar Alexander II, a reminder of the country’s former relationship with imperial Russia. 

The square is also one of the sites most favored by those traveling on business class flights to Helsinki. That’s because the square is surrounded by some of the city’s most important structures:
-Gorgeous Helsinki Cathedral is eminently recognizable, approached by a breathtaking set of steps. The cathedral itself is a grand Neoclassical building, capped by a towering rotunda.
-At the square’s southeast corner is its oldest building, Sederholm House. This historic home is now part of the enchanting City Museum complex.
-On the west end of the square, visitors find Helsinki University’s main building and its fascinating museum. 


Find Thrills Galore at Linnanmaki Park

From business class flights to amusement park rides, Helsinki is full of thrills. Its Linnanmaki Amusement Park abounds with exciting entertainment and fun. Visitors can feel good about their day spent at Linnanmaki for several reasons. Operated by the Children’s Day Foundation, park admission fees fund kids' programs throughout the country. So while visitors are shouting with joy on Linnanmaki roller coasters, they’re also helping underprivileged Finnish communities.

The amusement park sports a variety of rides and attractions, from thrilling coasters to silly specters:
-The historic wooden roller coaster, Vuoristarata, is one of Linnanmaki’s most popular attractions. 
-Kirnu is the park’s 4D compact roller coaster and the first of its kind in Europe.
-Other thrill rides include several tower drop rides, water rapids and a Ferris wheel.
-The carousel, erected in 1896, is the park’s oldest ride.
-Kids adore the park’s many family-friendly rides, including the ghost train, bumper cars and swinging ship. There’s also a cotton candy school where kids can learn to make the sweet treat.

In all, the park boasts 43 rides, an outdoor performance venue, several restaurants and a virtual reality cinema. The park is also connected to the appealing SEA LIFE Helsinki aquarium. With all that the park has to offer, it’s no wonder business class flights to Helsinki are so popular.

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