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Discounted First Class Tickets & Cheap flights to Frankfurt Germany

Why Visit Frankfurt?

In a Europe that is increasingly multi-cultural and a melting pot of societies from around the world, there are few major cities that have as distinctly an ‘original’ atmosphere today as they did in the past as the German city of Frankfurt.

Less touristy than most other major German cities, Frankfurt is a great introduction to German heritage and culture as it has been enjoyed for centuries. Food and drink are an essential part of the experience – the local apple wine – or Apfelwein – is the nectar of choice. Frankfurt has given its name to the frankfurter and the bratwurst sausage should not be missed.

Frankfurt’s architecture is marvelous – the Romerberg square, Church of St Paul and Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Natural History are world-class tourist attractions.

Airports in Frankfurt

There is only one international airport in Frankfurt - Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). Some confusion has arisen because of the name of another airport, the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN). HHN is actually not in the vicinity of Frankfurt city – it is 130 kilometers to the southwest - and should not be confused with FRA.

Frankfurt International Airport is serviced by over 100 airlines which fly to almost 300 destinations in more than 110 countries. It handles over 50 million passengers annually. The airport is well connected by road and rail to the city of Frankfurt and the rest of the country.

Flight characteristics

There are several flights from the United States that fly directly to Frankfurt. From the eastern seaboard, there are at least three choices:

  • Lufthansa;
  • Singapore Airlines;
  • Delta Air Lines.

Lufthansa takes the shortest time, completing the journey in just 7 hours 25 minutes. From the west of the United States, there are at least two non-stop flights to Frankfurt. Both are operated by Lufthansa.

The airline takes 10 hours 55 minutes to travel from LAX in Los Angeles to Frankfurt Airport. It takes 13 hours 42 minutes to travel between San Francisco (SFO) and Frankfurt’s FRA.

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