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Cheap Business Class Tickets to Tokyo

Journey to the picturesque town of Tokyo, Japan, in the comfortable style of IFlyFirstClass' business class fares and last minute first class deals. You'll appreciate a luxurious flight at a fraction of the usual cost and land in Narita as rested and pampered as possible.

Gorgeous cherry blossoms, ancient temples and a more relaxed pace greet you in Narita. As home to Tokyo's major international airport handling more than 35 million passengers each year, Narita manages to cater to the traveling population while still retaining its village traditions.

From Narita's railway station, travel the half-mile long Edo period road, Omotesando. Lined with restaurants, local craft vendors and traditional souvenir shops, the colorful street leads visitors to one of Narita's most cherished sites, Naritasan. 

Visitors delight in the majesty and significance of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, established in 940 A.D. The temple complex originally showcased a statue of the Buddhist Fudo Myoo deity reportedly carved by Shingon Sect founder Kobo Daishi. Today, the temple area features an 18th century Great Main Hall pagoda rising three stories tall, Shotoku Taishi Hall and a contemporary 190-foot Great Pagoda of Peace. The sacred 10th-century temple is expansive, filled with an impressive main gate, cheerful fountains, colorful cherry and plum blossoms and a park infused with Japanese and European elements. The temple's spiritual purpose is reinforced with daily Goma ritual amulet burnings, frequent ceremonial Sutra of Great Wisdom chantings and abundant festivals. These spiritual celebrations are a unique opportunity for visitors to experience treasured religious rites and gain a new understanding of Shingon Buddhism.

In addition to exploring the temple, visitors learn about the Japanese Tea Ceremony at Narita's Tourist Pavilion and delight in the city's Imperial Pasture horse breeding history at Sanrizuka Goryo Ranch Memorial Hall. The Boso no Mura Open Air Museum offers visitors a chance to experience traditional roles, crafts and lifestyles in the Boso region of the Chiba Prefecture. 

Re-creating an Edo Period village, Boso no Mura encourages visitors to explore traditional papermaking, practice farming and try on Japanese armor.

Kofun Period artifacts, dating back to 300-538 A.D., were found at dozens of burial mounds near Boso no Mura. Today, those artifacts are displayed at Narita's archaeological museum, Fudoki-no-oka Shiryokan.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Enjoy the luxurious accommodations associated with business class fares and last minute first class deals from IFlyFirstClass. Your long journey to Narita will be infinitely more restful and relaxing in the sumptuous comfort of first and business class. You'll be treated to pampering and amenity-filled airport lounges and expedited airport queues. In the air, you'll savor the comfort of over-sized seats that recline to a variety of relaxing positions. You'll dine on meals created by world-famous chefs, rest on the highest quality bedding, pass the time with personal entertainment systems and refresh with designer amenity kits.

With IFlyFirstClass, these consummate luxuries are yours at affordable prices with discounted last minute first class deals and business class fares.

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