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Why Visit Lithuania?

Lithuania? Where is that?

Ahhh, if only they knew. The Republic of Lithuania sits on the Baltic Sea's southeastern shore and offers some of the most affordable getaways in Europe.

Some of Lithuania's most memorable destinations are related to its history of religion. The Hill of Crosses, the Museum of Devils and the Hill of Witches should arouse the interest of anyone interested in understanding the evolution of beliefs.

It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Curonian Spit, a massive sand dune that keeps the waters of the Curonian and Baltic Seas apart. For those interested, there are three other such sites in Lithuania - the Struve Geodetic Arc, The Kerave Archaeological site and the historic center of the nation's capital, Vilnius.

For architectural history buffs, Lithuania is a wonderland for its neoclassical buildings. For others, Zemaitija National Park's decommissioned Soviet nuclear missile base might be the real draw.

There are other remnants of, and memorials to, the country's tumultuous history. The Museum of Genocide victims and the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum attest to the brutality suffered by all Lithuanians and Jewish Lithuanians respectively.

Lithuania has a quirky sense of humor, if a country can have one. You will find trees wearing sweaters, visit the self-declared 'Republic of Uzupis' inside Vilnius and see road signs with smileys and the Mona Lisa. There is also a family park built to resemble a Siberian Soviet concentration camp, complete with statues of communist stalwarts like Stalin and Lenin.

Definitely worth a look.

Must See Cities in Lithuania

Vilnius – the nation’s capital is chock full of surprises for the traveler. From the aforementioned quirky state humor to the most affordable price tags of any European capital, Vilnius definitely entertains on a budget. There are also many interesting places outside the capital:

  • Just outside the capital lies the tragic Paneriai Forest, where countless Jews were murdered. It is a poignant site.
  • The Saint Peter and Paul Church is famous for its collection of over 2,000 statues.
  • Šiauliai - essential viewing, if only for the Hill of Crosses. There are too many thousands of crosses here to count (close to two million by estimates), and added to every day as newlywed couples and pilgrims leave their own. Look closer - many have a story etched into them.
  • Trakai - less than 30 km from Vilnius, this city is home to the Trakai Historical National Park. The centerpiece is a beautiful medieval castle in the middle of a blue lake. There are balloon tours to give you the best view. If you venture below, you can cross the footbridge between the lake's islands.
  • Neringa – this seaside resort is home to the Curonian Spit which is worth a visit on its own. However, not far from the Spit is the Hill of Witches, an outdoor sculpture gallery. The subject of this gallery is the nation’s pagan past and features some intricately-created pieces which inspire a combination of intrigue and horror.

Flight Characteristics

There are no direct flights between the United States and Lithuania, and the best option for travelers is a single-stop connecting flight. The fastest of these from New York on the east coast is operated by British Airways. It completes the journey in just over 10 hours, including a layover in Helsinki, Finland.

From the west coast, several airlines offer single-stop trips that transit through various European airports and are exceedingly long. It is probably better to take a domestic flight to New York and board the British Airways flight from there.

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