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Cheap Business and First class to Qatar

Elegant, charismatic and welcoming, Qatar invites you to explore its modern cities and glorious beaches surrounded by vivid turquoise water. Pamper yourself on your excursion with economical first class seats and business class deals from IFlyFirstClass. You'll save thousands of dollars on airfare without skimping on your luxurious journey to brilliant Qatar.

From Cosmopolitan Cities to Serene Beaches

A testament to the country's history under the rule of Bahraini, Ottoman and British governments, capital city Doha is a exotic blend of cultures and traditions. With its vast oil and natural gas reserves, Qatar continues to feel the influence of its significant foreign population. The result is an intriguing and welcoming spirit unique to the wealthiest country on earth.

Framed by the intensely blue Doha Bay, the city radiates its wealth and style, from exclusive waterfront planned communities to gleaming skyscrapers. Wide boulevards follow the curving coastline, adorned with lush palm trees, inviting promenades and more dazzling towers in an appealing blend of Moorish and modern architecture. Cheap Business Class Fares to Qatar. 

Entrancing hours in the country's many museums are favored by history and art buffs from around the world. A dazzling white haven perched on the calm Doha Bay, The Museum of Islamic Art features one of the most extensive collections of Islamic artifacts in the world, including manuscripts, ceramics and textiles. For a more personal experience of Qatar's culture, wander through the spice, garment and souvenir stalls in the famed Souq Waqif traditional marketplace. A peaceful stroll along the Corniche promenade at sunset offers dazzling views and the ideal way to end a day of touring the city.

Outside of Doha, explore Qatar's more traditional Middle Eastern attractions. Surreal and haunting, the Singing Sand Dunes, about 24 miles southwest of Doha, offer an experience like no other. Further south, near Qatar's border with Saudi Arabia, Khor al Udeid beach showcases undulating sand dunes along the Persian Gulf. Here, desert safaris, sand surfing, camel riding and dune "bashing" are favorite activities. 

Experience the early lives of Persian Gulf residents at the treasured archeological dig at Al Zubarah. The site features the old fort, remnants of a once-vibrant village and relics of an ancient mosque. 

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

An elegant, lavish journey to Qatar should start with a luxurious flight. Savor the refinement of first class seats and business class deals with IFlyFirstClass' incredible discounts. At a fraction of the regular cost, you'll enjoy all the magnificent amenities of premium travel. Exclusive airport lounges with exquisite services and in-air pampering will make your journey comfortable and stylish.

Bask in these treasures with help from IFlyFirstClass' knowledgeable travel professionals. Our agents are skilled at finding the very best possible prices while providing you with information and guidance to make your adventure even more pleasurable. With IFlyFirstClass, you'll save thousands of dollars on business class deals and first class seats so that you can arrive in Qatar amid comfortable splendor.

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