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Special offer to Lisbon
 Book discounted last minute flights to Lisbon to revel in St. George’s Castle grandeur. - IFlyFirstClass

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 Immerse yourself in Portugal’s Age of Discover with last minute flights to Lisbon and tours of BelĂ©m Tower. - IFlyFirstClass

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Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Portugal with last minute flights to Lisbon.

Beloved for its balmy weather, gorgeous architecture and rich culture, Lisbon is a top international destination. The capital of Portugal, this coastal city is famous for its colorful Medieval buildings along the waterfront. It’s also legendary for its role in Portugal’s Age of Discovery, Fado music and picturesque hills.

Take Last Minute Flights to Lisbon to Enjoy Jerónimos Monastery

Ornate and historic, Jerónimos Monastery is a gorgeous and important local structure in the Belém district. Known for its exquisite Late Gothic Manueline architecture, the monastery also boasts Spanish Plateresque and Renaissance architecture. It took 100 years to create this majestic and opulent monastery, beginning in 1501 and finishing in 1601. Today, its brilliance and importance are recognized in its World Heritage status.

Jerónimos is beloved for its intricately sculpted arches and impressive towers. Its design features are a visual feast, and visitors enjoy taking in its elaborate details. Some favorite design and architectural elements include:
-The half-relief depiction of Saint Jerome located above the grand South Portal’s door,
-The birth of Christ statues in the niches above the Main Portal,
-Tombs of Vasco da Gama and Luís de Camões in the Church of Santa Maria and
-The spectacularly detailed Cloisters.


Revel in Business Class Last Minute Flights to Lisbon for Belém Tower Tours

Belém Tower is iconic, rising above the Tagus River as a testament to the city’s strength and resilience. Built in the early 16th century, the tower was a fortification to defend the city. Its long and storied past is a fascinating glimpse into Portugal’s history and culture. Spain overtook the tower in the late 16th century, using the tower dungeon as a prison. During the early 19th-century Peninsular War, France housed some of its invading forces in the tower.

Like Jerónimos Monastery, the tower is a superb example of Manueline architecture with a mix of other captivating styles. Some of its most notable features are:

  • Moorish turrets,
  • Gothic Manueline spires,
  • A picturesque drawbridge,
  • Intricate finials, domes and corbels decorating the watchtowers and
  • a beautiful arcade along the second-story veranda.

Exploring the tower is a great way to stretch your legs after a long last minute flight to Lisbon.

Luxury Awaits in Last Minute Business Class Flights to Lisbon and St. George’s Castle

It’s easy to feel like a royal strolling the lush grounds of St. George’s Castle in the company of colorful peacocks. It’s an especially inviting site after taking a last minute business class flight to the city. Immersed in the experience, visitors stand on the castle’s hillside, overlooking the Medieval Alfama neighborhood. It’s enough to make visitors feel as if they are overseeing their own fiefdoms.

With its elevated position and towering architecture, St. George’s Castle is a visual touchstone throughout the city. Segments of this historic landmark date back to the 6th century. An on-site archeological museum highlights the castle’s long history. Highlights of the castle include:

  • Climbing the tower for a spectacular view of the bustling city,
  • Enter the Tower of Ulysses to see periscope,
  • Wander the palace gardens to enjoy the balmy Portuguese weather and landscapes.


Modern Partners: Discounted Last Minute Flights to Lisbon and the Oceanarium

While Lisbon is steeped in history and grand architecture, the city is very sophisticated and modern too. This innovative edge is never more apparent than in the Lisbon Oceanarium. More than 16,000 sea creatures make their home in the aquarium, sustained by one million gallons of seawater. It’s Europe’s largest indoor aquarium, with its gargantuan main tank holding 180,000 cubic feet of water and 100 species. 

Four other tanks connect to the aquarium’s immense main tank. These exhibits offer glimpses of life in the North Atlantic, Pacific kelp forests, Indian coral reefs and Antarctic. The aquarium also features 25 other tanks throughout the site, giving visitors a chance to view sea life up close. Its cutting-edge exhibitions showcase many marine creatures.

  • Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the few aquariums in the world to display a large sunfish.
  • It cares for 450 species of sea life and marine mammals, including octopi and penguins.
  • The oceanarium displays a large collection of pelagic sea life such as devil rays.

With last minute flights to Lisbon and visits to Lisbon Oceanarium, visitors cover the best of the sea and air. 

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