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Last Minute Business Class Fares to Singapore

Modern and vibrant, the brilliant city/state of Singapore is filled with lustrous skyscrapers, immaculate streets and lush parks. Jet away to the Malay Peninsula in the impeccable luxury of IFlyFirstClass business class seats, first class tickets and last minute fares. You'll save thousands on your exquisitely comfortable flight to gleaming Singapore and create the perfect beginning to a cosmopolitan vacation.

The Wonders of Nature Blend with Stylish Living
Diversity is the hallmark of Singapore, from a fusion of cultures and cuisines to welcoming people from all corners of the world and adopting four official national languages. Even its physical boundaries are diverse, with 63 islands offering everything from avante-garde cities to lush national parks.

Singapore Island is the main island, separated from the mainland of the Malay Peninsula by the Strait of Johar. Here the urbane city encompasses dozens of shining high-rise buildings. Known for its clean, organized streets, Singapore offers a feast for all the senses. Its cuisine is the focus of many travelers, many participating in the country's food tours and extremely popular Singapore Food Festival and World Gourmet Summit. Shopping is another favorite pastime for locals and visitors, and there is no greater draw to the fashion-minded than famed Orchard Road. More than 20 bustling shopping centers line the mile-long street, joined by dozens of upscale restaurants and appealing nightclubs.

Just minutes from dynamic shopping, are tranquil groves, peaceful cycling trails and abundant parks of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Visitors can hike Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore; explore the reserve's 840 species of flowering plants and rappel down the many rocky hills. Just a few miles further from Singapore's Central Business District lies the breathtaking Tree Top Walk in the Central Catchment Reserve. The Tree Top Walk bridge hovers 82 feet above the forest to offer stunning views of the island.

Once the shopping, cuisine and plentiful nature reserves are explored, visitors can board a bumboat for a spectacular sunset cruise down the Singapore River, rest on the many beautiful island beaches or marvel at the incredible water and light spectacular, The Crane Dance. A lively casino resort industry fills Singapore nightlife with plenty of other entertainment options, from famous theatrical performances to thrilling table games.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Make the most of your journey to Singapore by traveling in the ultimate comfort of first and business class seats. IFlyFirstClass' outstanding discounts on premium first class tickets and last minute first class fares makes it economical to make the long trek in luxury. With access to exclusive airport lounges, you'll be rested and relaxed before you even board your airplane. Once in the air, you'll enjoy gracious service, meals created by celebrated chefs, sumptuous seating and other special touches that entice.

Don't miss an opportunity to give yourself the luxury you deserve. Our amazing savings on first class tickets and business class seats can make your trip to Singapore pleasurable and affordable.

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