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Cheap Business and First class to Amsterdam

Retreat to Amsterdam's pristine streets and progressive spirit amid the luxury of first class flights and business class deals from IFlyFirstClass. You'll save thousands of dollars on premium travel so that you can arrive in exciting Amsterdam as relaxed as possible. 

Relish the Distinctive Ambiance of Amsterdam

During the Dutch Golden Age, Amsterdam was the wealthiest city in the world and was home to countless renowned painters, writers and architects. Today, Amsterdam is a delight to explore due to the expert city planning conducted during that era. Central to Amsterdam is the Amstel River, connecting four semi-circular canals terminating at the IJ Bay. These canals give Amsterdam its distinctive, charming atmosphere and create convenient and picturesque methods of traveling through the beautiful city. When you're not navigating the canals, join the masses bicycling through town for a different perspective on Amsterdam's vibrant architecture and public spaces.

Amsterdam brims with these delightful buildings, historic sites and public squares. Its old church, Oude Kerk, was established in 1213 and features majestic vaulted, barrel-shaped ceilings made of wood. Painter Rembrandt's children were christened here and his wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh, was buried at the church in 1642. Several other gorgeous churches fill the city, including the 15th century Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). Adjacent to the royal palace, Nieuwe Kerk hosts royal weddings and coronations. 

Not far from Oude Kerk is the expansive Basilica of St. Nicholas. With two spectacular towers joined by a rose window. Get  the best first class airfare deals to Amsterdam

 and a magnificent Baroque dome, the church is filled with religious sculptures, bas relief details and stained glass windows. Above the high altar, Amsterdam's ever-present crown of Maximilian I is pictured.

Outside of the city center, in fields of colorful tulips and along the banks of sinuous canals, eight of the city's iconic windmills still stand. The oldest sawmill in the area, De Otter on the Kostverlorenvaart is in Amsterdam West, while De 1200 Roe windmill rests on the Amstel River bank; both are prime examples of 17th century working windmills.

More modern structures are equally delightful. Gaze at the works of the masters as the Van Gogh Museum or tour the city's most famous museum, the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum. In all, more than 50 museums grace the city, offering hours of exploration. Visitors can also experience the poignant history found at Anne Frank House, the annex where Anne Frank, her family and others hid from Nazi police.

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Our amazing discounts on luxury airfare allow travelers to enjoy the comforts of business class deals and first class flights at a fraction of the usual cost. From refined airport lounges, expedited airport queues and bountiful refreshments to spacious airplane cabins and pampering services, first and business class travel is restful and pleasurable.

With IFlyFirstClass, we make it easy for you to revel in the opulence of first class flights and business class deals so that you arrive in Amsterdam ready and eager to explore.

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