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This was my first experience with this online agent affording business and first class tickets. Every step along the way was a wonderful surprise in value, customer service, and product. Dmitri was timely is his responses, submitted proof of reservations, and was able to assure the validity of this online travel/flight service. I never had an open ended return with short notice, and my second trip to Europe withing 6 weeks turned out to be a not only comfortable (business class) but also a great experience!

Frank M

Had to travel to London for business 2 weeks ago and it was somewhat urgent. So I checked on-line for business and first class tickets and since it was last minute the prices were incredibly high, I even thought I would have to fly economy this time. But then I found I fly first class website and I remembered my colleague once mentioned he found a good deal for his international trip. So I checked it out. Their website looks very professional and is very convenient to use. When I found the price for New York-London I couldn`t believe it because it was incredibly affordable for last minute so I gave them a call. I was shocked to my very core when their agent confirmed that it actually is available. I couldn`t believe it! I`ve never flown business class for such a good price! Great customer service, attitude and professionalism of this company definitely made me wanna use their services again!

Donald Miller

I have sent an inquiry via their website form and got a quick response. Jacob was able to find the best price to Zurich. Glad I contacted this company.
If anyone is planning on traveling and needs to buy airline tickets at a huge saving, I highly recommend going through this company

David Boui

I have been traveling around the world for business for too many years to count. My travel needs often occur suddenly and usually involve difficult schedules and complicated itineraries. Over the years, my co-workers and I have saved thousands of dollars, perhaps more, by using iflyfirstclass. Dmitry and his team are so adept at identifying the most efficient routes and the best prices that it never ceases to amaze me. I cannot thank them enough for their consistent service; they are always professional, always on top of sudden changes and always quick to respond to my needs

Colby Cauchon

I have used other travel agents to book my business trips for many years. On the whole, they promise a whole lot more than they deliver. That's NOT the case at I fly first class. When I first started using I fly first class, I was amazed at their reliability, attention to detail and willingness to work around all my needs. I will never use another service again.

Oscar Rodriguez

The quality of service from I fly first class is very pleasing. The agents are super responsive and are very flexible in making changes. I would say that they are always extra friendly, trustworthy and service-oriented.

Barbara Benson

I rated I fly first class five stars on everything, but wanted to explain how amazing I think they are. Yes, the service is incredible, but they offer great support, too, in the forums. I am amazed at how quickly the agents respond to issues posted on the forum. Bravo to I fly first class, I really recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip.

Marco Csendes

The service at I fly first class is great, with agents who truly listened to and met my travel needs. It makes me want to use their service again and again.

Daniel Wong

What a deal found me for my trip to Tokyo! Oh, and the limo service was the icing on the cake. It was the perfect trip with the perfect finish.

Mark Sprenger

I have always loved traveling in business class, but the expense always makes me crazy. Usually, I just pay the too high fares to travel too many hours for a meeting that was too short to warrant the expense. That is, until I found I fly first class. They always seem to find super-amazing deals, no matter when, where or how I want to travel. I fly first class is a treasure!

Perry Dealy

I Fly First Class is excellent. I have just eliminated the hours I used to spend online searching for low-cost flights. Now, I just pick up the phone to call I fly first class and they handle every little detail. On top of that, they save me nearly 70 percent on first class and business class seats. It doesn't get any better than that!

Howard Ogden

I had started to dread flying in coach each time I traveled. I couldn't believe it when you were able to book me a business class or first class ticket for the same price as in coach. My back is even more grateful!

Mayra Sannet

Thanks, Julia, for all of your help and hard work on our trip. I am really grateful for your professionalism and "first class" attitude! Best wishes!

Martin Lane

Dennis, I want to thank for all of your effort in getting us to Africa and back. Our flights were awesome. Y'all are so appreciated, and I have told all of my friends about your great service at I plan to call you the next time I need to travel. Stay in touch!

Anton Vidokle

Recently, I had to travel to Venice and Athens, and I called Dmitry to help plan my trip. When I asked for a particular airline, Dmitry suggested I go with Lufthansa so we could enjoy their first-class seats that lie flat for sleeping. The first class service was incredible and well-beyond our expectations. Even more important to us was Dmitry's amazing service before, during and after our trip. Because we were hoping to return on a trip that was unavailable, Dmitry kept checking on the flight while we were in Italy and was able to get us our desired flight home. The next time we travel in the U.S. or abroad, I will definitely call him. Thanks, Dmitry!

Kathy Potenzo

Dennis, thanks again for the amazing planning you provided for our trip to Europe last month. I have to say that the first class flight to Frankfurt has completely spoiled me for any other kind of travel. I will definitely call you for my next trip and have spread the word to all my friends about the great service at I fly first class.

Robert Johnson

It was a dream flight in first class going to my destination. Coming back, the Asian Air staff was incredible too. The flight attendants were gracious and sweet and must have thanked me several dozen times for flying on Asian Air. Outstanding planning, outstanding customer service! I am a completely satisfied client!

Jacob Cooper

The first time I called I fly first class, they were very efficient and helpful throughout the entire process. Since this was my first time using the agency, I really appreciated that their professionalism and responsiveness gave me peace of mind. Thanks for your amazing customer service, I fly first class. I will use your agency for all of my future travel planning.

Thomas Youngblood

Dmitry is so easy to work with. He found us unbelievable deals on our family trip to Johannesburg, saving us more than $1,500 per ticket. We are so satisfied with

Margaret H

I have used many times, and they will always be my first call whenever I need to travel internationally. They have great customer service and take the time to understand my scheduling needs. Dana is super-efficient in delivering all my travel information to me well before my flight. I am especially grateful for help in making last minute changes for me, even when I'm still in the middle of the trip. Even on weekends, I know I can count on her to help me get schedules changed around mid-trip. Thanks so much, Dana, I appreciate your hard work. No doubt, I'll be calling you again soon for the next trip!

Ronald T

Dana was so helpful in planning my trip to Lagos. Her quick service was wonderful, and I really appreciated that she continued to search for the lowest possible fare. She was professional, patient and was always willing to take the time to cover everything I needed to know about my trip. I am grateful that she was the one to answer my call. I truly thank her for all of her help and recommend her travel services to all those who are planning a trip abroad.

Maria Gore

Kudos and thanks to Dennis! He did a great job finding me an incredible deal to Narita and topped it off with outstanding non-stop flights each way. I will recommend this site and Dennis' great customer service to my friends and colleagues who are planning international flights. Mahalo (thank you) and Aloha, Dennis!

Marla Adams

This is the easiest time I've ever had booking a trip, and considering all of the years I've traveled for work, that's really something. This last trip has been in the works for some time, and I wasn't really worried about booking the flight until I saw how high prices had gone. I'm so glad I found Dana at She got me a fantastic business class flight that was thousands of dollars less than I could find anywhere else. Her friendly demeanor was a pleasant bonus, and she always responded super-quickly whenever I had a question. Just on superior customer service alone, I would book my next trip with her, but the inexpensive flight prices are a really nice bonus too!

Eugene Norman

Dmitry, I want you to know how much we enjoyed our trip to Frankfurt. It was flawless, and I know that's because of all your hard work on our trip. The flight was wonderful! I don't have the words for how much I appreciate all of your effort in planning our trip. I've been singing your praises to anyone who will listen. Let me know if I can write a review or something like that for you and your company. Our trip to Germany was the best I've ever experienced. Thanks so much for everything!

Michael C.

I booked a first class seat to Europe with after researching many discount luxury travel services and even calling a few. Dmitry is amazingly efficient and got me a quote super-fast that far surpassed any other I had found. On New Year's Eve, no less, I made a bunch of changes to the itinerary, including an overnight layover instead of an afternoon layover. Then he coordinated it so that I could depart and land closer to home in Monterey instead of San Francisco so that I could save even more on ground transportation. This was even before I actually purchased the ticket! That's dedication to luxury concierge service like I have never seen before.

Julia Patterson

Several friends kept telling me how great Dmitry at is, and I finally listened to them this year. I'm so glad I did! We used to book our business class tickets to Europe instead of using our regular company. It turns out, my friends were right. We are very satisfied with Dmitry and and will definitely use them again.

Sarah Traverson

It's like he's magic! Dmitry at is incredible. Somehow, he finds these amazing deals I can't dig up anywhere else, whether I'm traveling to Europe from LAX or to Asia from SFO. He even found a first class flight for me that was cheaper than a business class flight my company's corporate agent had booked for me. I always know I can count on Dmitry for terrific service and incredible deals, even when I ask for last-minute changes. We love you, Dmitry and!

Anthony S.

Wow, I really enjoy working with the folks at! These guys have coordinated many international, long-distance flights for me, and they always come through in spades. They are so accommodating and able to change things at the last minute. I always know that they will do whatever it takes to get me where I need to go, on time and as easily as possible. I cannot say enough good things about these folks. Five stars all the way around!

Peter Lord

I have been traveling around the world for business for too many years to count. My travel needs often occur suddenly and usually involve difficult schedules and complicated itineraries. Over the years, my co-workers and I have saved thousands of dollars, perhaps more, by using Dmitry and his team are so adept at identifying the most efficient routes and the best prices that it never ceases to amaze me. I cannot thank them enough for their consistent service; they are always professional, always on top of sudden changes and always quick to respond to my needs.

Steven K.

I have purchased several airline tickets from IFFC, two of which were around the world. I shopped for deals on various websites myself, but could never match the price or get the exact itinerary that IFFC got me. Thank you!

Patricia Tackman

We had a family trip to Seoul, and I Fly First Class made it very affordable and comfortable. They recommendations were extremely useful. We will use this service again, and we plan to for a long time to come.

Diana K.

I recently received truly extraordinary customer service from IFlyFirstClass. Sincere thanks, and my best recommendation for IFlyFirstClass excellent service!

Susan R

My brother and I used IFlyFirstClass for a very big and complicated trip to Europe. We were very pleased with the great service. Thank You!

Michael Shwam

I wanted to thank you for an enjoyable trip. Your service was fantastic. Myself and my company will be making several trips to China for the next 24 months and you will receive all of our business for travel.

David B

Thank you very much for your hard work in expediting our tickets and on top of that arranging nice flights. Both airlines were efficient and helpful and having these wonderful flights helped us to stay well during this long trip. We will definitely utilize your services again. Thank you.

Arelene and Kali

I just wanted to thank you again for the highly personalized service and professionalism you provided in booking my roundtrip First Class ticket from LAX-HKG. While I was at first apprehensive, you eased my fears and everything worked out seamlessly. I will definitely be using your services again in the near future, and will also recommend your company to everyone I know! You guys are the best!


My family was very upset to hear that their 78 year old mother was planning to fly Economy Class to Vietnam which is 24 hour of travel. I told them that business class was too expensive, but I promised to check it out. I found I Fly First Class on Google and connected with Dmitry who was patient and considerate and made perfect, affordable flight arrangements for me in business and first class and saved me thousands of dollars. Will I use I Fly First Class again? You bet I will!

Mickey Kopol
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