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Why Visit Italy

Italy has always been synonymous with passion; passion for food, for wine and for love.

It is a nation that has produced some of the greatest works of art, music and architecture in the past, and continues to blaze the trail in innovation, technology and the arts today.

Italy’s ancient Roman civilisation created spectacular monuments that still stand, as well as priceless works of art that have enthralled people for centuries. Many of the world’s most recognisable luxury brands in fashion and motoring were born here.

A visit to Italy is a sure way to unlock hidden passions in your own soul and indulge in a feast of the senses in some of Europe's most scenic, vibrant and modern cities.

Must-see Italian Cities

Rome - Rome is undeniably the best city to appreciate Italy’s rich ancient history and heritage and understand how and why it came to be recognised as one of the most important civilizations the world has ever seen. 

The Pantheon and Colosseum, built two millennia ago still stand strong considering the ravages they have seen. Both buildings are icons of our collective conscience and have been featured in movies, TV and literature to be instantly recognisable by most.

St. Peter’s Basilica, the Platino palace ruins and the priceless art collection of the museums are just some of the many Roman draws.

Venice – if Italy is the home of love then Venice is its heart. A slow ride down the Venetian canals in its gondolas are one of the most romantic things for a couple to indulge in. The 150 canals are watched over by over 400 bridges of varying ages and styles.

Be wowed by the awe-inspiring architecture of Saint Mark’s Basilica - its array of interior and exterior design and decoration truly is a wonder to the eyes.

Florence – the capital of Italy’s wine region of Tuscany is the place to indulge in your love of Renaissance Art. Set your eyes on one of the world’s most famous sculptures, Michelangelo’s 'David’ at Galleria dell'Accademia. Or admire the terracotta-tiled dome of the Duomo cathedral. 

Flight Characteristics

If you are on the west coast of the United States, a direct flight from New York to Rome will get you there in just over 8 hours. This flight is offered by Alitalia, the Italian national airline. Delta Airlines completes the same route, also non-stop, in 8 hours 3 minutes.

There are no direct flights to any Italian airport from the western United States. A single-stop flight will take approximately 13 hours and usually makes a layover at New York. There is a wide variety of flight combinations you can take with this option.

Cities like Rome are major international tourism and business hubs – there is no shortage of airlines offering first class and business class seats to travellers heading there.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class

Travelling by air, especially on a long-haul trans-Atlantic flight can be hard. You need to find the perfect balance of comfort and price.

Why waste your time scouring tens of websites and still without a guarantee of getting the cheapest fare? I Fly First Class has the network of connections and professional travel experts who are able to identify and source:

  • cheap fares;
  • huge discounts;
  • and the latest deals whether you are travelling one-way or on a round trip.

We are both inexpensive and have the ability to obtain last minute tickets at short notice. If you want to travel to Italy in style, I Fly First Class is your best option.

How to find ticket on I Fly First Class

We have made the process of getting the best deals to fly first class or business class extremely easy.

You can call us at our U.S.A. toll-free number: 1-800-385-1359 and speak to us directly right now.

If you prefer to give us your requirements and have us get back to you, you have the option of sending us an email at, or filling out the form at our website,

Whichever way you choose, you will always have a team of professional travel experts working to get you the best deal for your first class or business class flight to Italy.

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