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Why Visit the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation whose character is shaped by its geography. 7,000 islands constitute the country which lies isolated by the South China Sea from the rest of the Southeast Asian nations.

This isolation made it less susceptible to their influence and the Philippines does not share the Hindu and Buddhist heritage common to the region; it was the Spanish colonisation that has had the most significant effect on the Filipino people and their culture.

This gives the country a unique architecture and persona, more akin to South America than to Asia.

Where Thailand has its tuk tuks, the Philippines has its jeepneys, the colourful, often-overcrowded works of contemporary art that function as buses and taxis. Its beaches have been voted among the best in the world and the Filipinos are friendly and welcoming. 

Must-see Cities in the Philippines

Manila – the capital of the Philippines is home to several of its most resplendent monuments, best museums and art galleries and also the most exciting nightlife.

The National Museum of the Filipino People is a good introduction to the journey of the Philippines through the ages - from 26,000-year old headgear worn by the land's earliest resident to precious items salvaged from a Spanish ship that capsized in 1600 A.D. to indigenous textiles and musical instruments.

The Metropolitan Museum of Manila is the place to get your finger on the pulse of contemporary Filipino art. The Rizal shrine is dedicated to Jose Rizal, a national hero regarded as the inspiration for Filipino independence from Spain. The collection here contains his writings as well as a vertebra.

Cebu City – Cebu City is the capital of Cebu province and the ideal place to get to know the faith in religion that Filipinos have and the colonial history where it originated. 

Magellan's Cross is the site where Ferdinand Magellan installed the first cross, officially bringing Christianity to the Philippines. Santo Nino Church is the oldest in the Philippines and still holds services. 

For something of a lighter vein, visit IT Park - several of its collection of restaurants are famous for their signature dishes. The three-tiered Kawasan waterfalls are a very popular hangout for their beauty and serenity.

 Flight Characteristics

The only airline that flies direct and non-stop from the U.S. to Canada is Philippines Airlines and the total flight time is 14 hours 30 minutes from Los Angeles to Manila. Other airlines have at least one stop along the route and flights are more than 18 hours long.

Philippine Airlines operates Boeing 777-300ERs on this route and the 7,541-mile trip is rarely delayed beyond an hour at both arrival and departure points. The flight cruises at an altitude of 9,150 m over the Pacific at a speed of 565 mph.

Most airlines flying this route offer:

  • premium services;
  • excellent cuisine;
  • in-flight Wi-Fi.

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