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Cheap Business and First class to Philippines

Bustling cities meet lush tropical rain forests in the incomparable country of the Philippines. Travel to the island country in unbridled luxury with incredible business class fares and first class deals from IFlyFirstClass. You'll save thousands on the long journey while enjoying extravagant amenities and a world-class trip.

Adventure in the Ring of Fire

With 7,100-plus islands on the western edge of the Ring of Fire, the Philippines abounds with diverse landscapes influenced by volcanic and seismic activity. That variety in terrain is matched by the country's range of cultural influences. From its earliest inhabited days, more than 67,000 years ago, the prehistoric Negrito population gave way to waves of immigrants bringing traditions and beliefs from colonial Mexican and Spanish, Malay, American, Japanese and Hindu groups. 

That broad range of cultures translates into bountiful and unique cuisine, art and traditions that enrich the tourist experience. From the world's oldest Chinatown in Manila to exuberant barrio fiestas, the mixture of Eastern and Western traditions and sensibilities are delightful. Last Minute Deals Business to Philippines Traditional dishes reflect the diversity, as well, with Malayo-Polynesian cuisine taking on Hispanic, American and Chinese flavors. Dine on paella, kare-kare, lumpia and halo-halo, and tour the world with your taste buds.

There are plenty of opportunities to experience all of the Philippines' diversity in the big city of Manila. There, the country's status as the world's third largest Catholic nation is evident, with beautiful San Agustin Church, ornate Basilica Minore de San Sebastian and plentiful religious festivals. While in the big city, tour the historic Intramuros, Rizal Square, Manila Ocean Park and the National Museum of the Philippines.

 Abundant shopping centers, sporting events and festivals offer ample entertainment and opportunities to mingle with locals. 

Far from the big cities, experience Banaue's magnificent 2,000-year-old rice terraces and Vigan's colorful Spanish colonial old town. Admire the old mosques and colonial buildings in Zamboanga, considered to be Asia's Latin City because of its unique mixture of Catholic and Muslim communities.

Aside from its historic sites, exciting recreation thrives in the Philippines. Raft the thrilling white water rapids in Cagayan de Oro. Tour the Taal heritage town, explore the Taal volcano and scuba dive in Batangas. Lounge on the black sand beaches of Camarines Sur, or revel in the colorful wildlife teeming on its coral reef. 

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Business class fares and first class tickets offer you exclusive entry to some of the most deluxe airport lounges and luxury cabins around. As a premium traveler, you'll spend the long flight savoring lavish accommodations, pampering services and delectable refreshments. All of these benefits are available at a fraction of the published fares, courtesy of IFlyFirstClass.

Our knowledgeable travel professionals are skilled at providing exceptional service and the very best discounts on first class deals and business class fares so that your Philippine adventure is satisfying from start to finish.

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