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Best Prices Business Class Flights and Seats to Sydney

Sydney's native landscapes and scenery blend with amazing architecture to create one of the world's most beloved skylines. Travel to the Australian capital in affordable elegance with dramatically reduced first class fares and business class deals. Save thousands of dollars on premium travel and indulge in an unforgettable journey to brilliant Sydney.

The Crossroads of Natural and Man-made Wonders

With gorgeous natural features, fascinating historic sites and lively nightlife and cultural scenes, even jaded travelers get a thrill when traveling to Sydney. The city captivates visitors with its natural beauty, from Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour to the Pacific Ocean and countless beaches. 

These breathtaking sights also offer exciting activities. Spot massive whales migrating through the Pacific, cuddle the koalas at the Koala Park Sanctuary and marvel at the flying fox bats and Rainbow Lorikeets. Ride the exuberant waves at Manly, Bondi and Coogee beaches; kayak in Sydney Harbour or watch for wallabies and kangaroos in Royal National Park.

Just to the west of the city, even more natural thrills await in the Blue Mountains and beyond. Hike up to magnificent waterfalls, trail down to spectacular canyons and rappel down cliffs in the majestic range. Nearby Jenolan Caves offer additional adventures, with underground rivers and miraculous formations just waiting to be explored.

The city's man-made structures offer equally breathtaking experiences.

Climb 440 feet up the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, board jet boats to experience high-speed stunts and jumps on the harbor or take the ultimate sky walk at 879 feet above ground along the Sydney Tower Eye's glass-floored deck.

Those looking for tamer excursions enjoy the city's historic sites. Visit Parliament House, St. Andrews Anglican Cathedral, the Great Synagogue, Elizabeth Bay House and Sydney's early settlements in The Rocks district for a glimpse into Sydney's past.

At night, relish fine dining, cruises on Sydney Harbour and upscale shopping in Double Bay. At the end of May or early June, visitors marvel at a special illumination, music, laser and creativity festival, Vivid Sydney. Many of Sydney's buildings are illuminated during the festival, including lighted images on Sydney Opera House's iconic "sails."

The IFlyFirstClass Advantage

Luxury and affordability are the hallmarks of our stunning business class deals and first class fares. As a premium traveler, you'll revel in the sumptuous services provided at exclusive airport lounges and the carefully selected refreshment offerings. Relaxation areas, shower suites and daybeds, entertainment zones, business centers, wine bars, buffets and salon services are just some of the options available at the most refined airport lounges. In the air, the pampering continues with over-sized seats with extra privacy, comfortable beds, personal entertainment systems and meals designed by renowned chefs.

All of these services are made more economical with IFlyFirstClass. You'll delight in the incredible savings on first class fares and business class deals and create the indulgent vacation you deserve.

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