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Business Class to KL: Explore the City’s Heritage

Book business class deals to KL to explore the old city center. - IFlyFirstClass

You can explore Kuala Lumpur’s history, architecture and culture by visiting its old City Centre. Here, the old administrative buildings attest to Malaysia’s colonial past. Self-guided walking tours include some of KL’s most important sites, including Lebuh Pasar Besar. The site is the old market square, the heart of the old city’s financial district. There’s also the iconic Sultan Adbul Samad Building, once the most recognizable structure in the busy city. You’ll see lovely Jamek Mosque, the Old Post Office and Royal Selanger Club. The City Theatre was once the old city hall building. While wandering the historic streets, drop into the National Textile Museum. The museum displays fascinating old print blocking techniques and batik wares. Merdeka Square is another highlight, soothing visitors with the splashing sounds of Queen Victoria Fountain. Once your business class flight lands in KL, make the old city one of your first stops. It’s a good place to get a feel for the many influences that have made the capital so vibrant and diverse.

First Class Flights and Petronas Towers Are Modern Luxury

Search “first class deals to Kuala Lumpur” for a delightful Malaysian experience. - IFlyFirstClass

Few structures are as iconic in KL as the twin Petronas Towers. Located in the city’s Golden Triangle, the gleaming glass skyscrapers are dizzyingly tall. The bridge spanning the two towers at the 41st and 42nd stories is a marvel, offering stellar views of the city. The towers make a self-contained city all on its own. There’s a high-end shopping center, an expansive tropical park and a philharmonic theater. The tower is also home to Aquaria, KL’s popular aquarium. The underwater park is located two stories beneath the towers. It’s home to 5,000 marine life and wildlife exhibits. Here, you can sleep and dive with the sharks and discover a number of conservation programs. While in the towers, you can also explore a world-class science center. Petrosains, The Discovery Center is an interactive wonderland of experiments and exhibits. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this science and technology museum located on the tower’s fourth floor. If you really want a thrill while in KL, head to the towers’ 86th floor. You’ll find breathtaking views of the city from the tower’s observation deck. For the ultimate luxury experience, book first class seats to KL and enjoy the glamor of Petronas.

Business Class to Batu Caves

Take business class deals to KL for an authentic experience at Batu Caves. - IFlyFirstClass

Just north of KL, the Batu Caves are a testament to Malaysian spirituality, ingenuity, recreation and art. The caves are the site of Hindu temples built into the steep limestone mountains. While the caves are impressive in their own right, the statuary and art make them even more so. A majestic and impressive Hindu God statue presides over the caves, creating a breathtaking approach. Inside the temples, shrines and colorful Hindu artwork are works of divine inspiration. Outside the caves, the natural landscapes are just as awe-inspiring. Rock climbers are drawn to the craggy cliffs, and they dangle alongside the wild monkeys roaming the hills. Hiking trails are also plentiful in the area. The trails are ideal for those who want to work their muscles after a long business class flight to KL. You won’t have to head to the hiking trails to get a workout at the caves though. The entry point of the caves features a 272-step climb up into the temples.

Fly Business Class to KL to See Jamek Mosque

A visit to Jamek Mosque is a first class flight back in time to the early days of KL. - IFlyFirstClass

In the heart of KL’s old city center lies one of its most beloved buildings, Jamek Mosque. The Mughal-inspired structure has picturesque dome towers and striped minarets. It’s surrounded by palm trees and the sound of two converging rivers. Inside the mosque, it’s a sea of pristine white marble, from the floors to the ceilings. Scalloped Moorish arches separate the spaces, but allow for the open flow of people and light. Entry to the mosque is free of charge, but donations are welcome. Please be respectful of Islamic customs; remove shoes at the entry, and dress conservatively for your visit. Fridays are so busy at the mosque that is has been called the Friday Mosque. If you plan to visit this spectacular house of worship, it’s best to avoid Fridays. Fly Business Class to KL to See Jamek Mosque