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Save Your Money for Harajuku Shopping with Cheap Business Class Flights

 Trend-setters relish business class flights and shopping in Harajuku - IFlyFirstClass

Fashion, culture and food come together in the trendy Harajuku area. If you have a trend-conscious teen, Harajuku’s Takeshita Street is the place to be. Its sidewalks teem with shoppers searching for the best Lolita clothing and latest anime books and figurines. You’ll also find crepe shops, fast food joints and other shops appealing to teens. For a more refined experience, walk two blocks over to Omotesando. There, streets are wider, sidewalks are calmer, and leafy trees provide shady elegance. Art galleries, designer boutiques and gourmet food stores occupy the graceful buildings. With all the shopping available here, you’ll be glad for your last minute  business class flight deal to Tokyo. To add the Harajuku district’s appeal, the area also houses the peaceful Meiji Jingu Shrine. The shrine is set in a 170-acre forest, and it includes a museum of Emperor Meiji’s treasures.

Incredible Views from Mount Mitake and Business Class Flights to Tokyo

Grab last minute flight deals to Tokyo so you can hike Mount Mitake - IFlyFirstClass

Even if you thrive on Tokyo’s cosmopolitan vibe, it’s nice to get away from it all for an afternoon. Mount Mitake, west of Tokyo, is a beautiful place to hike, enjoy nature and wander through villages. The site is part of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, and it has been a sacred mountain for more than 2,000 years. The summit sits at 3,047 feet above sea level and can be reached by cable car or foot. At the summit, you'll find Musashi-Mitake shrine, thought to have originated in 90 B.C.E. From the shrine, you have several walking trail and hiking path options. One local favorite walk heads to the valley Rock Garden and picturesque waterfalls. From the Rock Garden, you can continue to hike to the Mount Otake summit at 4,156 feet. The views from the two summits rival any you’ll find from the comfy seat of a first class flight.

Book Your Business Class Flight to Tokyo to See Sensō-ji

 Enjoy all of Tokyo’s delights, from new business class deals to ancient Buddhist temples - IFlyFirstClass

The oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Sensō-ji is a fascinating site to explore. Visitors enter through the impressive Thunder Gate, or the Kaminarimon. Beyond the gate, visitors can shop along Nakamise-dori and nibble on local dishes. Another gate leads to the inner temple complex and the temple itself. It also leads to the often-photographed five-story pagoda. For a special treat, visit the site in the evening to see the pagoda's illuminations. Head to the east side of the temple complex to see a special shrine. This shrine honors the two brothers who inspired the creation of the temple in the 7th century. If possible, schedule your last minute business class flight to Tokyo for May. This timing gives you a chance to visit the temple during its popular Sanja Matsuri Festival.

Luxury Prevails with Tokyo Imperial Palace Tours and First Class Flights to Tokyo

Leave plenty of time between your business class flights to include a visit to Tokyo Imperial Palace - IFlyFirstClass

The majesty of the Imperial Palace grounds is breathtaking. The palace sits on the former Edo Castle grounds and welcomes visitors with an expansive park. Beyond the park is an impressive moat surrounding imposing stone walls. Crossing the arched stone bridges to the palace walls feels as if you’ve stepped back in time. Inside the palace compound is equally captivating, but you’ll only be able to see it two days a year. Luckily, much of the rest of the compound is open to the public yearround. Imperial Tokagakudo Music Hall and Museum of Imperial Collections are both located in the East Gardens. These gardens also encompass more relics of Edo Castle, Suwa no Chaya teahouse and Ninomaru Garden.