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Enjoy A Modern First Class Flight to Osaka to Experience Traditional Bunraku Theater

First Class Acts: National Bunraku Theater and Business Class Flights to Osaka - IFlyFirstClass

Enjoy the humor and drama of Japan’s traditional puppet theaters at Osaka’s National Bunraku Theater. The capital of the national bunraku scene, Osaka’s theater sports two halls and an exhibition theater hosting captivating performances. Bunraku has a long history, dating back to the Edo Period. Rather than an art form to entertain the elite, Bunraku gained popularity as a theater for the masses. Few Bunraku theaters remain in Japan, so Osaka’s large theater is a special glimpse into Japanese heritage and history. Locals even make the performances accessible by providing earphones broadcasting English translations. There’s no excuse to miss this unique Japanese cultural experience. After all, you didn’t take a business class flight to Osaka just to experience the same-old attractions you could find in any major city.

Osaka Castle Is Worth a First Class Flight to Osaka

The Luxury of Osaka Castle Mirrors the Luxury of Business Class Flights to Osaka - IFlyFirstClass

Once the site of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple, Osaka Castle and its 490-acre park is deeply historic and emblematic of Osakans’ persevering nature. It began construction in 1598, a symbol of Japanese unity. It was destroyed in 1615, rebuilt in the 1620s and destroyed again in 1665. In spite of this turbulence, Osakans never gave up and eventually rebuilt the castle again in 1931. When you visit the site, you’ll find a gleaming castle tower encompassed by citadels, impressive stone walls and protective moats. The castle houses a fascinating history museum, while the grounds include a popular concert venue, the beautiful Nishinomaru Garden and a shrine to the castle’s original creator, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. If you can choose your travel dates, try to arrange your first class flight to Osaka for late March or early April so you can enjoy the cherry blossoms and their celebrations on the Osaka Castle grounds.

Business Class Flights to Osaka for Bright Lights, Big City in the Minami District

First Class Flights to Osaka Pamper You So You Can Live It up in Minami - IFlyFirstClass

One of Osaka’s two bustling town centers, Minami is known for its lively entertainment, massive video screens and exciting nightlife. While some may think it resembles New York’s Times Square or London’s Piccadilly Circus, Osaka’s Minami adds a little Japanese flair to its vibrant entertainment district. You’ll find kabuki theaters, manzai style comedy and Kuromon Ichiba Market, the Japanese foodie marketplace. If you’re looking for your food already prepared, then head to Minami’s Dotonbori section. There, you’ll have your choice of restaurants, cafes and street food vendors. Minami is also known for its shopping. In fact, you may want to consider bringing an extra, empty suitcase along with you on your business class flight to Osaka. That extra luggage will give you room to take back all of the treasures you bought in Minami.

Relax with Business Class Flights to Osaka and Visits to Nakanoshima Park

Nakamoshima's Rose Garden and First Class Flights to Osaka are the Ultimate in Relaxation - IFlyFirstClass

Between meetings or sightseeing engagements, take time to visit the luscious Nakanoshima Park. The city’s first public park, Nakanoshima contains a beautifully sculpted rose garden abloom with 4,000 rose bushes representing 89 varieties. The park’s symmetry, order and color perfectly balance its location amid Osaka’s many skyscrapers. One might say that the park is as restful as a luxury first class flight to Osaka. The park also contains the picturesque Osaka Central Public Hall. While at the park, be sure to visit the Museum of Oriental Ceramics. The museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of East Asian ceramics, including the Ataka Collection and the Korean Rhee Byung-Chang Collection.