Last Minute to Turkey: Modern Life Among Ancient Ruins

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Last Minute to Istanbul

Enjoy discounted last minute tickets to entrancing Istanbul. - IFlyFirstClass

Busy Istanbul is an endless array of historic sites, modern amenities and thrilling experiences. Perhaps one of Istanbul’s most famous sites is the Hagia Sophia. Its Byzantine and Ottoman heritage is seen in its architecture and art. While it once served as a basilica and, later, a mosque, today it’s a stunning museum. You’ll see legendary features such as seraphim mosaics and the marble door, Sultan’s Lodge and the Loge of Empress. Hagia Sophia’s iconic dome is the heart of Istanbul’s Old City. Other captivating sites in this historic neighborhood include Topkapı Palace and the Blue Mosque. Topkapı Palace holds many marvelous collections of arms, porcelain objects and imperial treasures. The Blue Mosque is an early 17th-century structure, renowned for its six stately minarets and lavish architecture. Other terrific sites in the Old City include the Spice and Grand bazaars, the Hippodrome and Süleymaniye Mosque.Two airports serve the city, making it fairly easy to find discounted last minute business class flights. 

Take Last Minute Flights to Experience Life in Ancient Turkey

Revel in ancient Greek and Roman ruins with last minute seats to Ephesus. - IFlyFirstClass

Enticing Ephesus is probably one of the most iconic historic locales you can visit in Turkey. The ancient Greek city became one of the Roman Empire’s largest cities by the 1st century B.C. Its Temple of Artemis was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today, the ruins of the city are found in a stellar archeological site. You’ll see the humbling two-story Library of Celsus and the Tomb of John the Apostle. Impressively, the Gate of Mazeus and Mythridates stands next to the library. One side of the gate is made of black marble. Also on site are ruins of the Temple of Hadrian, the Temple of Sebastoi and other compelling structures. Ephesus is located between Kusadasi and Adnan Menderes Airport. This convenient location makes it easy to book last minute flight deals to see the ancient city.

Take Last Minute Flights for Adventure Near the Mediterranean

Luxury and adventure combine with last minute first class flights to Antalya. - IFlyFirstClass

A Mediterranean oasis, Antalya is known for its spectacular beaches and proximity to ancient ruins. Although it’s tempting to laze and play on these beaches for your entire stay, resist the urge. There are countless other fascinating sites to explore in this thriving city. Hadrian’s Gate, for instance, is worth a visit, the only remaining entry point to the old fortified city. Other notable historic sites include Yivli Minare, Murat Pasha and Tekeli Mehmet Pasa mosques. For an all-around superb look at local history and culture, the Antalya Museum is prime. The museum showcases the many eras of Antalya, including its Roman days. Statues in the Hall of Gods and ruins in the Hall of Regional Excavations are especially superb. Enriching this city’s captivating history and culture is its incredible natural features. You’ll find fabulous views and adventures in the nearby Köprülü Canyon national park. It’s known for its breath-stealing arched bridges towering over the Köprülü River. It’s the place to go for exciting rafting and hiking. To reach Antalya in the cradle of comfort, book last minute bargains.

Discounted Last Minute Tickets to Konya

Explore Mystic Sufism in the Land of Rumi with Last Minnute Deals to Konya - IFlyFirstClass

Once the bustling capital of the Seljuk Turkish Empire of Rum, Konya boasts many treasures. Today, more than one million people make their homes in Konya, but the city retains its historic traditions. It’s the place to go to see an authentic presentation of the Whirling Dervishes, followers of Sufism. One of the best places to catch one of these Mevlevi Sema performances is at the Mevlana Museum. The museum, also known as the Green Mausoleum, holds the tomb of Rumi and many important artifacts. Several other museums in the city invite you to explore Konya’s rich traditions and history. At the Great Karatay Madrasa, you can admire the amazing Seljuk tiles. At Ince Minare Madrasa, you’ll find magnificent wood and stone carvings in a 13th-century building. There are many beautiful and enriching mosques in this devout city. Selimiye Mosque is next to Mevlana Museum, and it’s a great example of Ottoman design. Alaettin Mosque is even older than Selimiye, built in 1221. Its grand columns and sultan tombs offer insight into Seljuk traditions and culture. With all that there is to see in Konya, reserve at least one day to explore the Archaeological Museum. It holds Neolithic burial mound artifacts and elaborately carved sarcophagi. You’ll also see many Seljuk, Ottoman and Byzantine treasures. To explore beautiful Konya, book last minute deals to Konya Airport.