Glamour and Excitement Are at the End of a First Class Flight to Dubai

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Take to the Water. Discounted First Class Tickets to Dubai

Enjoy Dubai after a long first class flight  - IFlyFirstClass

Dipping your toes into the turquoise ocean water is just one of the many ways to relax after a long first class flight to Dubai. In fact, Dubai’s countless water activities and attractions are perfect for enjoying the tropical desert climate throughout your stay. 

Want the classic family beach experience? Head to Jumeirah Beach, where well-placed lifeguards keep water play safe. The entire Palm Jumeirah island network is water-centric with the globe’s largest man-made dive sites and resorts like Atlantis the Palm that offer a dolphin sanctuary, thrilling water park and shark safaris. Divers delight in the largest man-made dive site around the entire island. For sophisticated water experiences, check out Dubai’s countless sunset cruises, luxury yachts. resort pools and beach clubs.

Shopping 'Til You Drop is Actually Possible Here

First Class Flight For Shopping in Dubai  - IFlyFirstClass

Dubai takes its shopping seriously. Some shopaholics can barely wait for their first class flight to Dubai to land before they’re rushing to the city’s infamous Dubai Mall. The largest shopping mall in the world, the mall has 1,000 stores, an ice rink, the Dubai Aquarium, a movie theater and the dancing Dubai Fountains. 

You haven’t really experienced Dubai, though, until you’ve visited its enchanting souks, or bazaars. The city’s Gold Souk is a great place to negotiate a bargain on jewelry for your friends back home. Likewise, the Spice Souk offers deals on saffron and other spices that you’ll never find in your homeland. There are also luscious textile and perfume souks that will fill your luggage with Dubai’s scents and textures.

Experience Historic Dubai by flying First Class

a lushly modern first class flight to Dubai - IFlyFirstClass

Narrow, winding lanes and entrancing architecture lure many travelers to Dubai’s historic Bastakiya District. It’s the perfect counterpoint to a lushly modern first class flight to Dubai. Here, you’ll find shisha cafes and chic galleries in classic Arab and Persian buildings. You’ll also find unique sites like the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, where you can chat with local Emirati and find fascinating walking tours. 

The district’s sand-colored buildings display beautifully carved wooden doors, inviting courtyards and appealing architectural details. While strolling, note the traditional wind towers used for cooling. Also, be sure to visit the Old City Wall relic that used to surround Bur Dubai. For an extra dose of history, sneak a few blocks away for an afternoon at the Dubai Museum.

Explore the Desert and the first class seats to Dubai

Enjoy your first class flight to Dubai today - IFlyFirstClass

While the sea lures many, Dubai’s vast and exciting Arabian Desert attracts the adventurers. An hour outside the city, you’ll find the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The reserve was created in 1999 with the planting of 6,000 indigenous trees and shrubs and the importation of 70 Arabian Oryx. While spurred by man, the desert reserve thrives. It is home to sand cats and caracal, sand foxes, gazelle, geckos and countless other creatures. You can take camel treks through the desert, learn falconry and even board down the sand dunes. Overlooking the captivating desert reserve is Al Maha Desert Resort. Bringing luxury to the traditional Bedouin experience, the luxury resort is the ideal complement to your first class flight to Dubai.