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Kaiserswerth First Class Tickets - IFlyFirstClass

Gorgeous Baroque homes, inviting sidewalk cafes and appealing beer gardens make Düsseldorf's historic Kaiserswerth district postcard-worthy. One of the city’s oldest precincts, Kaiserswerth is located along the banks of the Rhine River, giving the picturesque district even more scenic appeal. Stroll along the welcoming streets to see ruins of Emperor Barbarossa’s royal palace, Kaiserpfalz, and the 13th-century cathedral St. Suitbertus Basilica. While in the area, be sure to tour Museum Kaiserswerth. Its exhibits feature important Kaiserswerther paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Throughout your visit to Kaiserswerth, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale, who tended to the sick and injured at the Deaconess hospital in Kaiserswerth. Amazing  


First Class Tickets To Altstadt - IFlyFirstClass

Altstadt may be Düsseldorf's Old Town, but it remains a vibrant center of activity for locals and visitors alike. It’s most oft-repeated claim to fame is its “longest bar in the world,” consisting of 260-plus pubs, bars, nightclubs and breweries. Museums, theaters and galleries are also plentiful here. By day, you’ll find works by modernist greats like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondrian, pop artists such as Andy Warhol and postwar creatives such as Jackson Pollock at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen. By night, you’ll enjoy a trip to the district’s opera house, concert hall or theater. Day or night, there are always fun adventures to be enjoyed in the district's plentiful bars.


Cheap Business Class Flight to MedienHafen - IFlyFirstClass

Balance your exploration of Düsseldorf's historic sites with a visit to the ultra-modern Media Harbor, or MedienHafen. The district creates the city’s most memorable skyline, with buildings designed by Frank Gehry and dozens of other notable modern architects. The harbor is a cultural and culinary destination featuring Michelin-starred restaurants, comfy cafes, flashy dance clubs and abundant public art. It’s also home to more than 700 businesses. While wandering the area, watch for the city harbor’s vintage remnants, from wrought iron railings to the old quay walls. To see both Media Harbor and Alstadt from a different viewpoint, be sure to take one of the many boat tours cruising along the Rhine.

Schloss Benrath

Last Minute Flights to Schloss Benrath - IFlyFirstClass

The pink Baroque palace is one of Düsseldorf's most recognizable sites. The grand 18th-century palace is surrounded by stately “ponds” and hunting grounds that now make up the beautiful park. You can enjoy the gorgeous buildings by visiting the palace’s three museums. In the main, formal palace building is the Museum Corps de Logis. There, you can take a guided tour of the main palace, discovering its interesting history and learning about its architecture. The palace is also home to the Natural Science Museum and the Landscape Art Museum.