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Forbidden City Gives First Class Look at Chinese History

Fly First Class to Beijing to Spend a Weekend Exploring the Forbidden City - IFlyFirstClass

One of the first places you must visit after your business class flight to Beijing lands is the Forbidden City. The 180-acre palace complex was once home to Ming and Qing dynasty emperors and now encompasses the unforgettable Palace Museum. The museum displays more than one million Chinese works of art covering a 5,000-year period. You’ll see jades from early imperial collections, bronzes dating back to 221 B.C.E. and imperial ceramics from the Tang Dynasty. There are also tens of thousands of paintings, 400 of which are from the 13th century. The Forbidden City’s extensive grounds are equally compelling with massive walls, protective moats and incredible pavilions and gates that are worth a visit. 

Heavenly First Class Flights Take You to Heavenly Temples

The peaceful Temple of Heaven is a welcome respite from a busy business class trip to Beijing. - IFlyFirstClass

Even larger than the Forbidden City complex, the Temple of Heaven covers more than 670 acres and offers one of the most beautiful tiered structures in town. Ming and Qing emperors traveled to the Temple of Heaven for the Heaven Worship Ceremony, and today millions travel to the site to explore ancient Chinese philosophy, culture and history. If you’ve snagged a last minute flight to Beijing, you’ll be glad for the peaceful park-like feel of the Temple of Heaven. Local often come to the complex to play and relax in the fields, and you could spend a whole day wandering around the grounds and exploring the incredible architecture, beautiful bridges and tranquil gardens. In fact, we highly recommend doing just that. The peaceful Temple of Heaven is a welcome respite from a busy business class trip to Beijing.

Enjoy Great Cheap First Class Flights to Beijing to Explore The Great Wall

 Experience 2,300 years of Chinese history when you take a business class flight to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China. - IFlyFirstClass

Regardless of how many business class flights you’ve taken to Beijing, a visit to the Great Wall of China is always a must. Stretching for more than 13,000 miles, the Great Wall spotlights ancient Chinese engineering and spectacular mountains views. If you travel a good portion of the wall, you’ll see amazing fortresses and towers. The features closest to Beijing include Juyongguang Pass and Badaling, at 37 and 43 miles from Beijing respectively. Leave enough time in your itinerary to make it as far as Mutianyu, 45 miles from Beijing. Mutianyu was originally built in the 6th century, and it is less crowded than many other parts of the wall. While there, you’ll enjoy some of the wall’s best scenery and several incredible watchtowers.

A Grand Adventure: First Class Flights to Beijing and A Visit to Tiananmen Square

Enjoy cheap first class flights to Beijing to experience the grandeur of Tiananmen Square. - IFlyFirstClass

The grand scale of Tiananmen Square is astonishing. As the world’s largest public square, Tiananmen has the capacity for one million people, and its portrait of Chairman Mao is nearly 20-feet tall. There are several landmarks you’ll want to see while you’re in the square, including the Tiananmen Tower on the north side, Explore the country’s history and revolution in the National Museum, admire the Great Hall of the People and visit Chairman Mao’s tomb in the Memorial Hall. The square also boasts China’s largest memorial, Monument to People’s Heroes. If you’ve taken a business class flight to Beijing for business, you’ll likely be able to catch the daily flag-raising ceremony in the morning before you head off to your meetings.