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Fly Business Class to Johannesburg to See Constitution Hill

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It’s unusual to explore a city’s history through its prisons, so Constitution Hill is a unique site. Located in the Braamfontein suburb, Constitution Hill's large complex boasts historic fort prisons and the country’s constitutional court. It is also the site of the country’s Flame of Democracy. Once protecting the city from British invasion, the Old Fort later gained infamy as a political prison. Ths jail, becoming known as Number Four, housed prisoners such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. A Women’s Gaol was also crowded with female dissidents and women from all walks of life. The entire complex chronicles South Africa’s troubled journey to democracy and freedom. Several guided tours give visitors a sense of what life was like for its prisoners. This is especially true of the Night Tour and the Time Travel Tour. The Time Travel Tour treats visitors as “prisoners,” giving them prison uniforms and assigning prison tasks. It’s not a tour that appeals to every visitor, but it offers an unconventional way to experience Johannesburg history. To travel back in time to pre-democratic Johannesburg, you have to first travel to the city. We recommend business class deals to O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Johannesburg Business Class Flights Lead to Superb Sites Like the Origins Centre

Enjoy one of the most gratifying innovations of man with business class flights to Johannesburg. - IFlyFirstClass

In the vein of Johannesburg’s legendary Cradle of Humankind, the Origins Centre displays fascinating rock art. Located on the University of the Witwatersrand campus, the museum showcases the art and tools of early man. A large fossil collection is just part of the exhibition that chronicles man’s 80,0000 years of development. You’ll see artifacts that detail man’s spiritual, cultural, technological and artistic growth. Highlights include an exploration of the beliefs of the San and a performance of a trance dance. If you time your visit just right, you may also catch one of the museum’s captivating public lectures. Occasionally, the museum also hosts DNA ancestry testing events that add a personal touch to the exhibits. The Origins Centre is easily accessible once you’re in Johannesburg. To get to this fascinating city, search for discounted business class tickets to Johannesburg.

Snag Business Class Deals to Explore Civilization’s Roots at Museum Africa

Revel in the continent’s extensive cultural, artistic and social development with business class seats to Johannesburg. - IFlyFirstClass

Displaying African cultural, lifestyle and artistic items, Museum Africa is a terrific follow-up to the Origins Centre. The museum notably has a collection of ancient African artifacts, including Medieval Ethiopian art. There are ancient stone tools, more prehistoric rock art and early stone writings. You’ll also see African musical instruments, coins and head rests. The collections on display here rival any early Greek or Roman site but add a compelling African genesis. The museum also houses an excellent Millennium Library, a perfect spot for ancestral or educational research. Traveling exhibits from other important international museums also find a temporary home here. Important social, cultural and educational talks are held in the museum’s spacious amphitheater. If you’ve taken business class flights to Johannesburg to explore your personal history, Museum Africa is a good starting point.

Revel in Business Class Flights to Johannesburg for its Botanical Garden

Business class to botanical gardens, the peaceful way to explore Johanessburg. - IFlyFirstClass

With Johannesburg’s many compelling early man and African history sites, it’s easy to overlook more modern attractions. These often-overlooked sites include Johannesburg Botanical Garden. Unlike many botanical gardens. this 200-acre garden is an interactive space. There are open, grassy areas for kicking around a ball and picnicking. There are paths for runners and dog walkers. These open spaces lead to the botanical garden’s more traditional areas. While here, you can breathe in the subtle floral aroma of the Shakespeare Garden. You can marvel at the extensive Herb Garden and enjoy the beauty of the Rose Garden. The main arboretum displays many indigenous African plants and flowers. Adding to the picturesque nature of the garden is its place overlooking Emmarentia Dam. The botanical garden is a nice space to escape the crush of a big city and enjoy nature. In fact, the dam and its connected tributaries attract a good deal of wildlife that is an unexpected sight. To enjoy all of the botanical garden’s features, find business class deals to Johannesburg.