Scenic and Glitzy: Hong Kong and Business Class Flights

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Fly Business Class to Hong Kong for a Flight Through History

Save on last minute business class flights so you can spend in Hong Kong’s museum of History - IFlyFirstClass

Explore the interior of a 19th-century Hong Kong medicine shop. See the Public Seal machine used to certify proclamations. Discover a traditional shushi wedding dress and other colorful textiles. They, and 90,000 other artifacts are on display at the Hong Kong Museum of History. The museum boasts extensive collections in natural history, local history and ethnography. The two-story Hong Kong Story section alone has 4,000 exhibits. These multi-media displays lead visitors through 400 millions years of local history. You’ll explore eras such as the Japanese occupation, the Opium Wars and the British influence. You’ll see traveling exhibits from around the world. You’ll also be able to view several powerful virtual exhibits. While you could spend all day in the museum, if you can only spend a couple of hours here, it’s worth it. Be sure to visit the museum before taking your return business class flight home.

From Glamorous Business Class Flights to Peaceful Trips to Lamma Island

Lamma Island is the idyllic retreat from bustling Hong Kong and Last Minute Flights - IFlyFirstClass

It’s exciting to spend time in last minute business class flights and a world-class city like Hong Kong. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to take a break in a more peaceful setting. Lamma Island is that retreat, offering tranquil fishing villages and quiet streets. To get to the island, you’ll take the ferry from Hong Kong Island to Sok Kwu Wan or Yung Shue Wan. Cars aren’t allowed on the island, but a beautiful coastal walking path connects the two villages. Seafood restaurants, lovely beaches and World War II relics are some of the biggest draws. Today, the bay at Sham Wan is home to nesting endangered green sea turtles. It also has historical significance as the home to Bronze Age settlements. Throughout the island, you’ll enjoy eco-heritage walks, gorgeous scenery and Tin Hau temples. The island hosts many lively events such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Chinese New Year fireworks. 

Ngong Ping 360 Views Are Worth a Business Class Ticket to Hong Kong

 Enjoy a last minute flight to Hong Kong so you can experience the enriching sights of Ngong Ping. - IFlyFirstClass

After a last minute flight to Hong Kong, you may be reluctant to spend more time in the air. Make an exception for the scenic gondola ride, Ngong Ping 360. Gondolas travel up to some of Lantau Island’s most important sites. Along the way, you can enjoy the wooded hillsides and South China Sea views. Once you reach the top of the hill, you can take a picturesque walk to a variety of sites. Begin with a stroll to the legendary hilltop Tian Tian Buddha. The 111-foot-tall bronze buddha is magnificent and moving, even for those of other religions. Po Lin Monastery thrives across from the buddha, captivating all with its lush gardens. A walk back to the gondola center takes you by welcoming malls, where you can dine and shop. 

Book Business Class Flights to See Victoria Peak

 Snag deals on business class flights to Hong Kong so you can shop and explore Victoria Peak. - IFlyFirstClass

A trip to Victoria Peak involves all the best elements of an attraction. There are historical features, a thrill ride, endless shopping and spectacular views. Even if your roundtrip business class tickets leave little time for sightseeing, make time for this. Your adventure begins with a ride on a steep funicular tram. The funicular has carted people up the 1,811-foot mountain for 120 years. Take a few moments to enjoy photos of the 19th-century tram and Hong Kong in the tram gallery. Once you’re at the peak, you have numerous options. You can head into the modern Peak Tower and up to its Sky Terrace 428. The terrace offers the highest viewing point, at 428 meters, or 1,404 feet. You’ll have incredible views of Hong Kong’s glittering harbor and countless skyscrapers. You can also dine and shop to your heart’s content here in mountaintop malls and markets.