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Auckland War Memorial Museum Is a First Class Experience

A visit to Auckland War Memorial Museum is a first class way to experience local history, heritage and wildlife. - IFlyFirstClass

If your round-trip business class flight to Auckland doesn’t leave you much time to explore the beautiful city and countryside, head to the Auckland War Memorial Museum. There, you can explore Aotearoa’s history, experience captivating demonstrations of Māori culture, enjoy incredible landscapes and honor the country’s veterans. Perched atop a dormant volcano in the scenic Auckland Domain, the stately neoclassical museum offers incredible views of the city. Aside from the legendary Te Papa Museum in Wellington, Auckland War Memorial Museum is one of the most important museums in New Zealand. The site features collections of Māori, Oceania, New Zealand, military and natural history. Its Māori galleries alone contain more than 1,000 Māori artifacts, including the full-size Hotunui meeting house, the Te Toki ā Tāpiri war canoe and the oldest remaining Māori carving from the 12th to 14th centuries. There are also three daily Māori cultural performances, featuring an authentic haka.

Time your business class flight to Auckland to coincide with the rugby union season so you can experience a Blues or All Blacks match at Eden Park.

 Time your business class flight to Auckland to coincide with the rugby union season so you can experience a Blues or All Blacks match at Eden Park. - IFlyFirstClass

You can also experience the Māori haka’s true warrior spirit at an All Blacks rugby game, occasionally held at Auckland’s Eden Park sports arena. The largest sport facility in all of New Zealand, Eden Park is home to national and international rugby union and cricket matches, soccer games, rugby league matches and countless special events. While cricket and soccer are popular in New Zealand, rugby union is really the national sport. That’s especially true for the national All Blacks team, the current holders of the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks are known for performing the intimidating haka in front of the opposing team before each match. If your first class flight takes you to Auckland during the All Black season, be sure to catch one of their games at Eden Park. During the regular rugby season, Eden Park is home to the Blues.

First Class Adrenaline Rushes Available at Sky Tower

 First class views and Sky Jumps are on tap at Sky Tower. - IFlyFirstClass

Embrace your adventurous spirit while in Auckland, and head to the Sky Tower. There, you’ll experience spectacular views from the viewing platform 722 feet above the ground. If you thought you caught a superb view of the city as your business class flight was descending into Auckland, you’ll be even more impressed with the Sky Tower views. 

New Zealand is known for its extreme sports, so it’s natural that Sky Tower offers thrill seekers a chance to dive off the 1,000-foot-tall structure. This SkyJump uses a wire to complete your base jump, allowing you to fall at about 52 miles and hour. You can also walk around the outside of the tower at 630 feet above the ground. If you want to experience the views without the adrenaline rush, you can also enjoy dinner in the 360-degree revolving restaurant. 

Piha Beach is Home to First Class Waves

Piha Beach is a surfer's paradise and a fun place to relish first class beach activities. - IFlyFirstClass

Piha Beach, on the edge of the Waitakere Range, is one of the best beaches to watch talented surfers and relish the awe-inspiring waves. The beach is covered in beautiful black sand, and its bay is surrounded by island-sized volcanic rocks that provide appealing scenery. There are plenty of activities available, from deep-sea fishing to tennis. After a long business class flight to New Zealand, there’s nothing more refreshing than taking the Piha area’s four-day hike on the Hillary Trail. The trail leads you along the Waitakere Range coastline and through verdant forests of native plants and ancient kauri trees. If tramping through the trail isn’t your thing, take some time to see Piha’s many attractions, including Kitekite Falls, The Keyhole and the Arataki Visitors Centre.