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Enjoy your business class flight to Brussels. A Grand Time in La Grand-Place

A Business Class Time in La Grand-Place - IFlyFirstClass

After taking a business class flight to Brussels, head to the beautiful La Grand-Place. The historic square is full of charm, from its cobblestone streets to its majestic Gothic and Baroque architecture. The square is a testament to the city’s resilience as the site of the first Inquisition martyr burnings and a 17th-century bombardment. The most recognizable of the plaza’s buildings is the imposing City Hall, or Hôtel de Ville, and Its bell tower. It’s also the site of the King’s House, home of the Museum of the City of Brussels, and exquisitely adorned Guild Houses. The entire square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it remains a central part of Brussels life with lively restaurants and a thriving nightlife.

Amazing Business Class Tickets. Taking in Manneken Pis

Beautiful business class flight to Manneken Pis - IFlyFirstClass

Few of Brussel’s sites are as iconic as its Manneken Pis fountain. Forever immortalizing a young boy relieving himself, the statue’s folklore suggests he was putting out a potentially destructive city fire. Visiting international dignitaries have been gifting the city with costumes and uniforms for Manneken Pis since 1698. He is occasionally dressed in these costumes, and 100 of them are on display in the Museum of the City of Brussels. Every so often, the statue spouts wine or beer for an extra touch of whimsy.Manneken Pis is just a quick, two-block walk from La Grand-Place, so if you’re looking to stretch your legs after a business class flight to Brussels, a walk to the fanciful fountain will do.

Exploring Local History and Faith at St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

 your business class flight to Brussels Cathedral - IFlyFirstClass

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral is also just blocks from the central La Grand-Place. Built in the 11th century, the Gothic cathedral is less ornamented than others of its era but no less magnificent. In fact, it’s purer lines accentuate the breathtaking color of the stained glass windows and the towering height of the structure. The cathedral, devoted to Brussels’ patron saints, also features a fascinating archeological site that delves into the site’s past. The land was once the site of a 9th-century chapel honoring St. Michael, and the site's various additions and restorations are explored in the archeological site. It’s the perfect place to connect with Belgium’s history and spirituality once your business class flight to Brussels has landed.

Modern-Day Fun at the Parlamentarium

a fantastic deal on a business class flight to Brussels - IFlyFirstClass

As a seat of the European Parliament and the Council on the European Union, Brussels is a vital international city. While locals and visitors can tour the parliament building, the Parlamentarium visitors’ center is more hands-on. Kids and adults enjoy exploring the interactive multimedia exhibits detailing European integration. Visitors also learn how parliamentary decision affect everyday life in Europe and how the government works. Multimedia guides are available in 24 European Union languages, and it’s highly accessible to those with visual, audio and mobility challenges. The Parlamentarium is a bargain, too, since admission and the multimedia exhibits are free of charge. Combined with a fantastic deal on a business class flight to Brussels, the Parlamentarium is a great way to learn and save.