Amsterdam Is a First Class City of Fun, History, Culture

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Experience the Dutch Golden Age at the First-Class Rembrandt House Museum

Step back in time to experience Rembrandt’s life and home; it’s a first-class experience of a first-rate artist. - IFlyFirstClass

One of history’s most celebrated painters, Rembrandt van Rijn produced some of his most famous works while living in his home in Amsterdam’s Breestraat. The house, where he lived from 1639 to 1658, was also the site of some of Rembrandt’s greatest personal joys and tragedies. His son was born in the house; his wife died there, and the home caused Rembrandt’s eventual bankruptcy. For the past 105 years, visitors have toured Rembrandt’s home and studio. You can walk in Rembrandt’s footsteps and enjoy an extensive collection of his drawings, etchings and paintings. If you’re a fan of Dutch Golden Age painters, the Rembrandt House Museum is worth a business class flight to Amsterdam.

First Class Art at the Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum Brings the Artist’s First Class Works to Light - IFlyFirstClass

Vincent Van Gogh is treasured in Amsterdam, and the Van Gogh Museum is a stellar place to celebrate the 19th-century artist. The museum is home to the largest collection in the world of Van Gogh’s art. Among the 200 Van Gogh works, you’ll see treasured paintings such as “Self Portrait with Grey Felt Hat,” “Irises,” “The Yellow House” and “Almond Blossom.” If you have your family along with you, be sure to allow extra time during your visit so your kids can participate in the children’s activities. There’s also a museum store where you can purchase prints and souvenirs and a cafe where you can enjoy a nice lunch. Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum brings the artist’s first class flight works to light

The Resistance Museum is a First-Class Experience

A trip to the Resistance Museum offers insight into Nazi-occupied Amsterdam and locals' first-class resistance. - IFlyFirstClass

The five-year Nazi occupation of the Netherlands was a dark time, and the Resistance Museum explores how locals survived during the occupation. The museum tells the stories of locals and how they responded to the Nazi invasion, whether it was by forging paperwork or by helping local Jewish families escape. If you only have an hour or two to spend sightseeing in Amsterdam, spend it here for a unique experience. If you have two to four hours, visit the museum and Anne Frank House to gain a deeper understanding. While it's a sobering experience, the museum makes you appreciate the many freedoms you enjoy, from luxurious first class flights and the ability to freely travel the globe.

First Class Display of Royal Splendor at the Royal Palace

First Class Display of Royal Splendor at the Royal Palace - IFlyFirstClass

If you traveled to Amsterdam on a first class flight, you’re probably already feeling like a royal. Now you can continue those fantasies with a visit to the beautifully ornate Royal Palace. Built in the 17th century, the palace is an imposing feature of Dam Square. It was originally the Town Hall and later became the French Royal and Imperial Palace. For the past 200 years, it has been one of three official palaces of the House of Orange, and the Dutch royal family continues to use the palace for state affairs and events. While touring the palace, you’ll see impressive rooms such as the Citizens’ Hall and the Council Chamber as well as paintings and sculptures from the House of Orange collection.