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Flights from Sydney to Tokyo

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>Flights from Sydney to Tokyo
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From Sydney to Tokyo
Business Class
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Cheap Business and First class from Sydney to Tokyo

Flying out of Sydney

Tucked in the southern part of Sydney, 5 km from the city centre in the suburb of Mascot is the world’s oldest commercial and longest continually-operated airport, Kingsford Smith Airport. It is commonly called just Sydney Airport (SYD).

This is the only international air travel gateway to and from Sydney for commercial passengers. Australia’s busiest airport was used by close to 42 million passengers in 2016.

The Sydney to Tokyo route is operated by Australia’s native carrier, Qantas and by the Japanese Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.

All Nippon Airways and Qantas fly exclusively to Haneda Airport while Japan Airlines flies only to Narita.

Flying into Tokyo

Flights from Sydney land in one of the two international airports serving Tokyo, Haneda and Narita. The airports themselves are both excellent – modern, clean and extremely orderly. Most passengers choose to land at one or the other because of the relative proximity to Tokyo and other regional destinations.

HND - Haneda Airport

At just 15 km from the centre of the city, Haneda Airport is the most convenient airport option if you have hotel reservations within the city. Once you clear the efficient arrival process at Haneda, a rain commute will take just 15 minutes before you are in the centre of one of the world’s most modern and exciting cities.

NRT - Narita Airport

Despite being regarded as a ‘Tokyo Airport’, Narita Airport is actually situated outside it, 65 km away in Chiba prefecture. A train ride to Tokyo from Narita takes approximately one hour.

Why Fly First Class?

Whether you land at Haneda or Narita, a direct flight from Sydney to Tokyo is over 9 hours and 35 minutes long. How you look and feel at the end of the arduous journey depends a great deal on whether you travelled by coach, or decided to invest in a first class or business class seat.

The personal attention from the cabin crew, the superior quality of the food and drink, the ample personal space and the ability to get some real shut-eye in an enclosed cabin will do wonders for your state of arrival.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

Buying air tickets is not particularly complicated – many people do it themselves every day. But that is not what an elite travel concierge service like I Fly First Class does.

We specialise in providing a very particular brand of service that you cannot achieve from home, and neither can any ordinary travel specialist. Our expertise and connections give us access to seats no one else has. We are privy to cheap tickets that a travel agent does not.

I Fly First Class is a premium service for exclusive clientele. Join us.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

When we were designing the I Fly First Class system to be as easy for the user as possible, we decided that the easiest system was a one-step system. That is what we offer you with our three contact options:

  • You may call 1-800-385-1359, toll-free in the U.S.A., to speak with us right now.
  • Alternatively, leave us your requirements by email at
  • Or through the form on our website,

We will contact you shortly with your best options.

Finding tickets is simple, quick and convenient. Why not give it a try now?

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