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Cheap Business and First class from Sydney to Munich

Flying first class is the realm of true opulence and luxury, an escape from the hectic and impersonal world that we have to endure in other aspects of our lives. From personal interaction to entertainment to food and drink, first class experiences are in a league all their own.

Advantages of Flying First Class

With the eastern coast of Australia where Sydney is located so far away from Europe, there are no direct flights from that there to Germany. However, a number of airlines offer single-stop connecting flights with first class and business class seats to break up the journey, and the entire trip takes a whole day to complete.

Thai Airways has the most affordable option of all the major carriers, and by a significant margin. The downside is that the entire journey will take 29 hours. However, with an 8 hour 30-minute layover in exciting Bangkok, you might not necessarily mind the extended voyage. The first leg is 9 hours 20 minutes long and the second, 11 hours and 15 minutes.

Both legs are completed by Boeing 747s, the first flying at 9,150 m and the other at 10,980 m.

Qatar Airways is the option that takes the shortest time, 23 hours 25 minutes, including the stopover of 2 hours 5 minutes in Doha. The first leg here takes a long 15 hours 10 minutes and the second, a considerably shorter 6 hours 10 minutes.

For the most luxurious Sydney to Munich experience, you cannot go past Emirates. They use the A380 on both legs of your trip, with the option of individual suites in first class. You can ever shower on the plane during the 14-hour flight to Dubai and the 6 hours 20 minutes to Munich.

Airports in Munich

There is a single international airport in Munich, the Munich International Airport located 18 miles (29 kilometers) northeast of Munich. Its official name is Franz Josef Strauss Airport.

The facility is well connected by road and rail to the city of Munich. A train or bus to the main central station takes approximately 45 minutes. The journey takes about 35 minutes by car.

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