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Unfortunately we don’t do domestic flights.

But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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Cheap Business and First class from Sydney to Hong Kong

Flying out of Sydney

Southern Sydney’s suburb of Mascot is home to Australia’s busiest airport, Kingsford Smith Airport, better known as Sydney Airport.

The world’s oldest commercial and longest continuously-operated airport is the only airport serving Sydney in an international capacity. It is one of the world’s top 40 busiest airports and saw just under 42 million passengers arrive and depart in 2016.

The Sydney to Hong Kong direct route is operated by the respective native carriers of Hong Kong and Australia, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.

Flying into Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s international air passenger needs are served by the modern, expansive and award-winning Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). It is spread across an artificial island constructed from reclaimed land just off Hong Kong.

71 million passengers used Chek Lap Kok in 2016 for arrivals, departures and transits, making it the world’s eighth-busiest airport by passenger numbers. The HKIA Airport Express links the airport to Hong Kong’s CBD. Coaches, taxis and limousines make public transport to and from the airport a breeze.

Why Fly First Class?

For the 9 hours and 30 minutes’ flight duration that you will be stuck in an aircraft cabin, you could either enjoy the opulence of refined décor, plush seating (and bedding), excellent food and wine, and personalised service… or you could opt to travel economy.

First class and business class travel is designed to give the discerning traveller an experience consistent with the luxury and comfort they are used to in everyday life.

The care taken to create meals worth of savouring, large personal screens and quality headphones to fully enjoy the entertainments options on offer, lie-flat beds and an effort to cater to every wish make premium class travel an experience not to be missed.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class sets itself apart from the average travel concierge service by the range of services that we are able to offer.

We do not content ourselves simply by finding you a cheap seat, we make sure that it is the very cheapest price for that seat available to anyone. Reserving tickets on a flight next week is simple, we can find you one on a flight this evening your regular travel agent said was booked out.

By constantly and consistently outperforming not just other travel concierge services but surpassing our own high standards, we are able to make many clients just like you coming back to us time after time.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

A large part of the appeal of the I Fly First Class system is its simplicity; we have made finding tickets a single-step process for you. Any I Fly First Class client just has to contact us once in one of three ways:

  • Our toll-free number 1-800-385-1359 in the U.S.A.
  • Email us at
  • Fill in the form on our website,

Once you convey your instructions and requirements to us, our team of travel experts immediately uses our reach and experience within the industry to find the best matching flights at the lowest prices.

We then present you with these options to make the decision. All you have to do is tell us which you like best.

With I Fly First Class, the days of overpriced first class and business class tickets are long past. Discover a new way to travel in luxury at your convenience and on your budget today.

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