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Unfortunately we don’t do domestic flights.

But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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Business and first class tickets to Bangkok from Sydney

Advantages of Flying First Class

Gourmet food prepared by renowned chefs are complemented by good wine and peerless service. Your comfort is of prime concern and individual suites give you the privacy and comfort of a hotel room.

Thai Airways and Emirates are the only two airlines that offer first class cabins on the Sydney to Bangkok route.

However, Emirates has the more luxurious option with individual suites in first class and lie-flat seats in business class aboard its Airbus A380 craft. Thai Airways uses Boeing 747s, which has lie flat seats in first class and angled flat seats in business.

Both airlines complete the journey with the same flight time of 9 hours 25 minutes.

The Airbus cruises at a speed of 555 mph and 10,980 m above the earth. Thai's Boeing flies slightly faster at 567 mph and at an altitude of 10,350 m.

Airports in Bangkok

There are two international airports that serve the city of Bangkok. One is Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) and the other is Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Don Mueang is one of the world's oldest commercial airports, and the oldest of Asia's airports still in operation. As of March 2012, it is supposed to transition into the hub for low-cost and domestic flights while Suvarnabhumi becomes the airport for international arrivals and departures.

However, Don Mueang currently still handles both domestic and international flights, albeit at different terminals. It is located 17.6 miles (28.2 km) from Bangkok.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is commonly called New Bangkok Airport and has been in operation since 2006. It is located 16 miles (25 km) east of Bangkok city and is known for the having the world's tallest free-standing control tower at 434 feet (132.2 meters).

It handled 55.9 million passengers in 2016.

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I Fly First Class is a one-of-a-kind service crafted around the discerning traveler. We ensure that you travel the way you live – in style – but without breaking the bank.

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How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class takes a completely new approach to the ticket reservation process. We have taken all the hard work out of it by doing all of it for you. All you have to do is contact us with your travel plans in one of three convenient ways:

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Our team will instantly attend to your needs and provide you with the best offers and seats most convenient for you.

Explore Bangkok’s rich heritage, amazing architecture and vibrant nightlife by making one call, sending one email or filling one form. I Fly First Class will do the rest. Why wait?

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Orville B.
My flight got cancelled! My travel agent wasn't much help. They wanted to put me on a slower flight with layovers AND charge me more! Luckily, my friend told me about iflyfirstclass. Their agent, Dan, was awesome!
First class travel is not about just getting to your destination; it is about an experience that transcends the norm. Premium travel focuses on the luxury to which you are accustomed and ensures that you do not have to forego it simply because you are soaring above the clouds.


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