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But let us know next time you travel internationally and we will be happy to help!

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Advantages of Flying First Class

First class and business class travel have always been the most comfortable and pleasurable way to fly. The combination of preferential service, expedited boarding and deplaning, great food and drink, and the best in luxurious comfort are highly sought after.

A direct flight between New York on the American east coast and Vienna, the capital of Austria located in the heart of Europe is a medium-haul flight. Only a single airline flies this direct route – Austrian Air.

There is no first class cabin on board their Boeing 777-300 twin-jet but passengers looking for superior comfort do have the option of business class seats. These seats do lie flat, which makes the overnight journey significantly more comfortable. With in-seat and USB power, and video on demand in every seat, you will never be short of entertainment.

Taking off from Newark Airport (EWR) in the evening, it travels at a speed of 516 mph to cover the airway distance of 4,246 miles to complete the journey in a time of 8 hours and 25 minutes.

Airports in Vienna

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is served by a single international airport, the Vienna International Airport (VIE). It is located in the suburb of Schwechat, located just 11 miles (18 kilometers) from the center of the capital city to its southeast.

The airport handles almost 25 million passengers annually and can accommodate large wide-body aircraft like the Airbus A380. The complex consists of three terminals and five public concourses.

VIE lies on the motorway that connects Vienna to Budapest and has its own exit, making for an extremely convenient, short ride from the city center to the terminals. Train rides from the city to the airport take between 15 and 25 minutes. Bus services run between VIE and nearby international capitals like Bratislava and Budapest.

Why buy tickets with I Fly First Class?

I Fly First Class prides itself on being one of the foremost international travel concierge services. Our focus has always been on delivering to our clients the most comprehensive range of travel options at the very lowest prices available anywhere.

If you need a ticket at short notice, if your regular travel service cannot get you a seat on the flight you want, or if you want the lowest airfares possible, I Fly first class is the answer.

How to find tickets on I Fly First Class

I Fly First Class has created one of the simplest systems to help you find the cheap first class and business class you want. Instead of sifting through site after site, collecting and applying coupons, you can now simply leave the hard work to us.

Contact us in whichever of these three ways you find most convenient:

  • Toll-free number (in the U.S.A.): 1-800-385-1359.
  • Email address:
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Our team of experienced travel professionals then springs into action and collates all the best flights for your needs and at the lowest prices anywhere. All you have to do is decide which one suits you best.

Vienna is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, perfect for a solo trip, romantic getaway or a family vacation. Let us plan one or all three for you today.

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Overall, I was pleased with the outcome. I was a bit confused along the way to finally booking the flight but all went well, and the price of business class is unbeatable.
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